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Graduation Parties are for everyone!

      … Including those who go to Community Schools or are Home Schooled!

Troys fire Graduation

Since 2006 we have been delighted to host graduation ceremonies and parties, plus winter or other “Formals,” for smaller community schools, departments from other, larger, establishments, as well as those who are home schooled.

With a maximum capacity of 125 we can help you or your school committee create a unique environment and have a great time within a very reasonable budget.

We offer either Space rentals (including tables, chairs, linens, plus assistance with table decor,) from $150 an hour or Fully Inclusive Events from $35 – 85 per person, (with a minimum of 50 people,) that can include also catering, themed decor, photographer and either DJ or live entertainment.

 Call (503) 656-1894 or email and start planning your next party today!