12 Trendy Wedding Colors for 2023

By using colors, you can customize your wedding to tell the story of your relationship with your beloved. To help you select colors for your 2023 wedding, here are the top 12 trendy colors:

    1.   Emerald Green: Last year, emerald green was a trending color for home or office décor; this year, it is the top trending color for weddings according to one source.

Color palettes: emerald green, silver, and blush pink, or emerald green, silver, and light blue.

2.   Sage Green: Seeking a lighter, more vibrant shade of green? Sage green might be your answer!

    Color palettes: sage green, a darker green, and gold; sage green and navy blue; sage green and dusty rose.

    3.   Lavender: Symbolizing beauty and elegance, lavender is a top trending wedding color for 2023. For spring and summer weddings—whether indoors or outdoors—lavender is a very popular color.

Color palettes: lavender and pink, lavender and gold, lavender and green.   


    4. Dusty Rose: A subdued shade on the color
wheel between pink and violet, dusty rose was called “ashes of roses” in the
1920’s. Now, 100 years later, it’s a trending color for 2023 weddings.

Color palettes: dusty rose and ivory;
dusty rose and gold; dusty rose and sage blue; dusty rose, burgundy, and black;
dusty rose, dusty blue, and navy; dusty rose and green; dusty rose and light
gray or silver; dusty rose and dark gray.

     5. Blush pink: This delicate pink shade is often the complimentary color for a bolder shade.

Color palettes: blush pink and a shade
of green; blush pink, red, darker pink; blush pink and navy blue.

6. Wine: Popular for the last several years, wine again makes the list of top 2023 trending wedding colors. Whether you select a red, a marsala, burgundy, or claret shade of wine, it allows you to pull in a color with tremendous depth and variations!

Color palettes: red, peach, and greenery; crimson red and gray; marsala and taupe (or natural shades); dark red and sunflower yellow; red and gold; burgundy, blush pink, and gold; burgundy, dusty rose, and dark gray; poppy red, blush pink, and gold.

    Champagne: Elegant and romantic, champagne pairs well with other colors in any season you get married in 2023!

Color palettes: champagne and green; champagne and pink; champagne and earth ton7. 7. es

    8. Earth tones: Ranging from shades of tan to
terracotta orange to earthy greens, earth tones combine beautifully with other
colors in your wedding palette.

Color palettes: terracotta and sandstone; tan and orange; beige, brown, orange, and yellow.

     9. Orange: Bright and vibrant, orange can make a
foggy day seem like a sunny, summer afternoon. You can opt for coral, peach,
bold orange, or a terracotta orange!

Color palettes:  orange and yellow; orange and gray; orange and light tan or natural; orange, yellow, and brown; orange and pale blue, dusty blue, or dark blue.

    10. Yellow: While the darker shades of yellow are great as a primary color for your wedding, the brighter shades of yellow are perfect as complimentary colors…adding a pop of color on your special day!

    Color palettes: yellow, gray, and tangerine orange; yellow, black, and tangerine; yellow, misted jade, and maroon;  yellow and pink; yellow and gray; yellow and lavender; yellow and fuchsia; yellow and green; yellow and dusty blue; yellow, white, and gray.

    11. Dusty blue: On trend for 2023 weddings is
dusty blue (or misty blue), a pale blue shade made deeper and more intense with a dash of gray.

    Color palettes: dusty blue and yellow; dusty blue and orange; dusty blue and silver or gray; dusty blue and indigo; dusty blue and tan; dusty blue and blush pink; dusty blue and sage green. 

    12. Navy blue: At Ainsworth House & Gardens, we are thrilled that this classic color is trending for 2023. In any season, Navy blue can make a wedding memorable!

Winter wedding: Navy blue and burgundy

Spring wedding: Navy blue and blush pink

Summer wedding: Navy blue and yellow

Fall wedding: Navy blue and gold.

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Images courtesy of Pixabay.com.

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