The Sweet, Secret Message on Her Royal Tiara

Crown Prince Hussein and his bride Princess Rajwa

When Ms. Rajwa Al-Saif, a Saudi Arabian architect, married Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan on June 1, 2023, her tiara had a beautiful message inscribed on the side. Read on to learn more about this secret, sweet message! When we think of a diamond wedding tiara, we may think of its glittering beauty but we … Read more

The Beauty of an Emerald Engagement Ring

diamond and emerald ring

An emerald engagement ring is a rarity which is why it’s so special. Throughout history, there have been fabulous engagement rings which you might want to learn about here! Hey, John! When my girlfriend, Emily, and I walked by a jewelry store, she stopped to look at emerald engagement rings. Yes, I know. Hint. HINT! … Read more