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9 Tips to Create Your Wedding Hashtag

Use these three insanely smart tips to create your own unique wedding hashtag and make your wedding beautifully you!

“Hey, Christie! How Can We Create Our Wedding Hashtag?”

Hey, Christie!

Tyler just asked me to marry him! I am so excited!!! I’d like to create our wedding hashtag now so that we can use it while we are planning our special day. Do you have any tips?”

–Lauren, Wondering in West Linn

Hey, Lauren!

We are so excited for you! Please consider us as your perfect wedding venue. We host outdoor and indoor weddings! 

Start your family tree under our family’s tree when you get married under our exquisite Ponderosa Pine which is about 200 years old. It stands in front of the mansion which was built in 1851

OR get married inside our beautiful Events Center. We offer your guests elegant chapel seating. The musican you hire may wish to perform on our grand piano.

At Ainsworth, we can help you plan the wedding day of your dreams! 

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Let me share my tips on how you and Tyler can create your own creative wedding hashtag, an incredibly unique way to celebrate with a one-of-a-kind slogan which summarizes your beautiful relationship. 

While you two are the hashtag team, you ask for help from family and friends who are your friendly, local wordsmiths to help you develop your own wedding hashtag! 

Option 1: Create Your Wedding Hashtag

Write your own wedding hashtag. This is the least expensive option. If you and Tyler are creative writers, this option might be the most fun for you two!

  1. Do you want a hashtag that is classic, romantic, or funny or a pun?

2. You  use alliteration (repetition of the consonant sound—BewitchedByBradley), puns (#MaryedToDave or use on online pun generator, rhymes, or synonyms.

3. Use your first names or your last name.

Start with your first names. Trending hashtags often include the first name of the wedding couple: #Jessica&Jeremy, #TaylorMarriesKaitlin, or #AlexaLuvsAlex.

Use a mashup of your names: #Shamy (Sheldon + Amy) or #Beniffer (Ben & Jennifer).

Hashtags focused on the last name such as #luvtheBrowns, #ShyneBrightly, or #CaptivatedbyKircher (in which you use an alliteration with your last name) are trending too.

4. Add a number such as your wedding day or the year of your wedding to your hashtag. This lowers the risk of you duplicating another couple’s wedding hashtag (#Katie&ColinJuly23).

5. You can add

your wedding venue (Ainsworth) or

the location (Heritage Tree) or

your wedding theme.

5. Which interests or hobbies do you two share? Are you both into Renaissance Fairs or hiking the Sierra Nevada? Are you both movie fans or in love with flying? You can use an interest or hobby to create a hashtag which has nothing to do with your first or last names.

6. Capitalize the first letter in each word. This makes your hashtag more readable by your guests. On social media, it doesn’t matter if the words are capitalized or not.

7. Avoid having the same letter repeated: avoid #LeiselLovesSam and use #SamLovesLiesel instead.

8. Read it again. Did you misspell a word? Correct it now!

9. Check to see if anyone used this hashtag previously. If the hashtag was used for something other than a wedding, you might be OK. I would recommend adding a date (9-15-2023) or location to differentiate just in case. You don’t want your photos getting mixed up with someone else’s. No bueno.

Option 2: Use a wedding hashtag generator.


There are several out there including this free one:

Option 3: Hire the professional writers at Wedding Hashers (


After you fill out their brief questionnaire, they customize a tag which encapsulates your love story.

With Hope for Your Happiness,

Christie Shyne, Ainsworth House & Gardens Wedding Venue


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