Sustainable Wedding Registry? Yes, Please!

A green, forested island in the shape of a heart

Your wedding registry can be used to get the sustainable products you need for your new home and can be used to benefit Mother Earth. Read on to find out how you can create a sustainable, eco-friendly wedding registry! Hey, Christie! In eight months, Daniel and I are getting married at Ainsworth House & Gardens! … Read more

Can My Dog Be in My Wedding?

dog in tuxedo

There are so many creative ways that your dog can be a member of your wedding party. Before buying Bella a doggie wedding dress or Max a doggie tux, read this article to find out what you need to know before including your four pawed friend in your wedding. Hey, Christie! Michael and I are … Read more

7 Tips to Help the Bride Look Taller

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 34% of all American women are under 5’4″ tall. These petite brides often seek ways to look taller on their wedding day. While wearing 7″ platform high heels is a solution, we have 7 great tips which don’t involve platform shoes! Help! Christie!!!!! Michael and I are getting married … Read more

Timeless Elegance: The Long Sleeve Wedding Dress!

Long sleeves on wedding dresses are “in” again! This year, the timeless elegance of long sleeves is back and we are so happy! Read on to learn more about this wedding trend! Hey, Christie! I’m getting married in October at Ainsworth House & Gardens! Would a wedding dress with long sleeves be appropriate? –Tiffany the … Read more