Why All the Married People in Japan May End up with the Same Last Name

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Due to a law passed over 100 years ago and population demographics, all the married people in Japan may end up having the same last name. If you grew up having a popular name in your class (think of “Jennifer,” “Cameron,” or “Taylor”), then you know the frustration of being called on by your teacher … Read more

11 Super Cool Wedding Cake Trends for 2024-2025

wedding cake decorated with lavender and white flowers

Looking for innovative ideas to make your wedding cake stand out from the crowd? We’ve got ’em! From bold flavor combos to incredible textures, these are the trends catching on! Read on to find out more! 11 Super Cool Wedding Cake Trends for 2024 Hey, Christie! Jordan and I are getting married at Ainsworth House … Read more

Left out of the Wedding? Here is How to Heal Hurt Feelings

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As the trend toward smaller weddings continues, engaged couples need to get creative on how they create special roles in their weddings for cherished family and friends. Here are our suggestions! Hey, Christie! Help! Family drama overload! My fiancé, Charlie, and I are both in our early 30’s and so excited to be getting married … Read more

2024 Wedding Trends: Focus on Your Guests!

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In the past, wedding guests observed the wedding but didn’t participate other than selecting fish or beef for their dinner. Now the trend is to find creative ways for your guests to have fun participating in your wedding. Read on to find out the great options for you when planning experiences for your guests! Hey, … Read more