10 Fabulous Fall 2023 Wedding Color Palettes!

bride in autumn

For weddings from September through December 2023, these are the wedding color palettes we are seeing. Let us share with you how to make these beautiful seasonal colors uniquely your own! Hey, Christie! Albert and I are having  our microwedding for about 50 family and friends this fall at Ainsworth House & Gardens! We are … Read more

Brilliant Alternative Titles for “Maid of Honor”

bride and maid of honor

English constantly changes. When we needed a word to describe images transported over a distance, the word “television” was created from the Greek prefix “tele” meaning “from a distance” and the Latin word “vision.” The job titles for Maid of Honor, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and others in the wedding party have changed too. Here are our … Read more

16 Sweet Summer Wedding Flowers We Love!


Planning a summer wedding? You might want to consider any of these 16 gorgeous flowers which are in season and in full bloom throughout the summer! Read on to find out more! Lucky you! If you are getting married in the summer, there are 16 in season summer wedding flowers plus a bouquet of flowers … Read more

16 Winter Wedding Flowers (& Embellishments!) That Wow

red and white winter bridal bouquet

Winter is a beautiful time to get married at Ainsworth House & Gardens! To help you plan for your winter wedding, here are our 16 favorite winter wedding flowers which are in season, are sustainable, and more respectcul of your budget! Hey, Christie! Alex and I are planning our winter wedding at Ainsworth House & … Read more

The Joys of a Micro Wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens!

A couple is surrounded by their friends on Ainsworth's front lawn.

Over the past several years, the trend is for smaller, more intimate weddings. A micro wedding is the term for a wedding involving a maximum of 50 people. At Ainsworth, we have indoor and outdoor venues to celebrate your beautiful micro-wedding! Hey, Christie! Brandon and I are getting married this winter at Ainsworth House & … Read more

A BRIDGERTON-Themed Wedding for You? Why Not!

On two recent weekends, Ainsworth House & Gardens hosted weddings with a BRIDGERTON theme. Find out about fun themes for your wedding! Hey, Christie! Alex and I are planning our winter wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens. We were thinking about a Jane Austen or Bridgerton theme. Could you suggest some wedding themes we could … Read more