2024 Engagement Ring Trends!

vintage amethyst engagement ring

Every year, jewelry designers create even more beautiful engagement ring trends! Check out these trending designs for 2024. The vast majority of engagements occur between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. Be ready with an on trend engagement ring to propose to your beloved! Hey, John! This New Year’s, I’m planning on asking Melissa to marry me. … Read more

Funny Wedding Vows for Sci-Fi Fans!

Han Solo and Princess Leia from Pixabay.com

One way to have a unique wedding is to write your own vows. Let us help you with these humorous one liners you can add to your vows! Hey, John! I love Star Wars, Star Trek, science fiction, and fantasy! Are there any funny, one liners I could add to my wedding vows that reference sci … Read more

2024 Trends for Grooms!

groom in a bold blue suit with his bride

Getting married in 2024! Congratulations! Get a jump on your planning and shopping with these trending style tips for grooms in 2024! Read on and find out more! Hey, John! Eve and I are planning our Spring 2024 wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens. Could you give me a hint as to what the style … Read more

What Are Woven Floral Designs for a Wedding?

woven floral arch at Ainsworth House & Gardens

Woven floral designs? As new products are developed, woven floral designs continue to become more beautiful and intricate. This blog post will help you understand the variety of floral installations you can create for your wedding! Hey, John! Ever since Bonnie agreed to marry me, she’s been talking about the flowers. Each time she uses … Read more