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Adding November’s Birthstones & Birth Flowers to Your Wedding!

If you were born in November or wish to honor a loved one born in November, one way to do that is include November’s birthstones and/or birth flowers at your wedding. For instance, decorating a chair with her birth flowers is a lovely way to honor a grandmother who has passed. Read on to learn what these birthstones are and this birth flower is for November!

Hey, John!

What are the birthstones and birth flowers for November? I’d like to honor my partner, Kayla—who was born in November–during our wedding?


Alex in Albany


Hey, Alex!

November is a great time of year when life seems to slow down just a bit before the excitement of the holidays.



The short answer to your question is:

November Birthstones:

Yellow Topaz


November Birth Flower:


yellow topaz wedding ring

November Birthstones: Yellow Topaz

While the fourth wedding anniversary is called the Blue Topaz Anniversary, the 23rd anniversary is called the Imperial or Yellow Topaz Anniversary because yellow topaz is more valuable than blue.

From what is the word “topaz” derived?

There are several theories. Floating serenely in the Red Sea is the island of Topazos where Pliny stated topaz was first mined many years ago. In Sanskrit, “topaz” means “fire” or “heat,” while in Greek, topaz is derived from the infinitive, “to shine.”

In which colors is topaz available?

Most of us are familiar with the transparent yellow gem (also called Imperial Topaz due to it being rare).

In addition to a golden yellow color, topaz also comes in honey-brown, red, pink, blue, light green, and completely clear.

That is a blue topaz and diamond pendant to the right. 


flue topaz and diamond pendant Pixabay
lemon growing on a tree PXBY

Are there curative powers ascribed to topaz?

The Ancient Greeks thought that holding a topaz gave them strength and restored mental health/sanity, cooled down a hot temper, relieved sleeplessness, improved breathing, and protected from sudden death. Fun fact: They believed that topaz would change color when it was near a disloyal person.

What does topaz symbolize?

  • Faithfulness

  • Constancy

  • Loyalty.

smoky topaz earrings PXBY


A rare, natural gem only mined in Bolivia, citrine is a pale, yellow quartz which is sometimes called “lemon quartz” or “cognac quartz,” depending on its color.

Be alert: Not all citrine was mined as citrine. Much of the world’s “citrine” is actually heat-treated amethyst.

From what is the word “citrine” derived?

In Latin, we find the word “citrus” meaning citrus fruit like a lemon.

French is derived from Latin so the word becomes “citrin” meaning “yellow” or “lemon colored”—a perfect name for this yellow gem!

citrine bracelets Pixabay

What does citrine symbolize?

  • Success

  • Happiness.

Birth Flower: Chrysanthemum (“Mum”)

Mums herald the arrival of fall with a burst of vibrant color! Hardy enough to withstand the last few days of summer heat as well as the first frost of fall, these flowers are fabulous in bouquets,  boutonnieres, and floral arrangements.

Mums were cultivated in East Asia and are familiar to those in northeastern Europe where the flowers flourish.

Due to the flower’s popularity around the world, the today’s chrysanthemums bloom in a variety of colors, petal arrangements, and sizes ranging from as small as 1 cm. to as large as 25 cms.

Fun fact:

The most revered throne for the emperor of Japan is called the Chrysanthemum Throne. The flower, called “kiku” in Japanese appears on their money, in kimono designs, and in home décor. The national festival of happiness is called National Chrysanthemum Day and dates back to 910 A.D.

In which colors do mums bloom?

  • White or Cream

  • Yellow, Bronze, or Orange

  • Salmon/peach

  • Pink

  • Red

  • Burgundy

  • Purple.

  • Several have two or more colors.


Mums flowers for wedding
orange bronze mums PXBY

What does a mum symbolize?

Be aware that the meaning of the flower changes depending on where you are in the world.

If you are in the United States, giving someone a mum expresses your desire for friendship by communicating a wish for their well-being and happiness.

If you are in Japan, the golden or yellow mum symbolizes rejuvenation, longevity, and nobility (since it represents the Japanese imperial family).


If you have additional questions, let me know. 



yellow mum PXBY

Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne

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