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Birthday Parties & Baby Showers


From One (and even before that) to 101, we have celebrated the years with you,
– after all, the House was built in 1851 , even before your parents were born!

Ainsworth House has a place in history right alongside your time on the planet, and we’re very happy to celebrate it with you.

Whether you are looking for a Baby Shower, with simple food and time with friends, or to relive your glory days of the 1960’s and 70’s (or even before!) we’d love to help you create and celebrate the perfect gathering.

With either simple space rentals or fully coordinated themed parties for up to 125 (usually costing $40 – $85 per person, minimum 50 people,) we can do it all for you.

And we’re great at keeping a secret too, so if the victim, (I mean guest of honor,) isn’t to know, we have even been able to get folks here under false pretenses before, so you can all scream “Surprise!!”

“Space rental-only” rates start at $100 per hour, (for the Garden Room,) with a minimum booking of 3 hours, depending on the day and season.  Availability on the weekends is often limited and based around our weddings and other large events.  Rates vary accordingly, up to $700/hour for the whole site on a summer Saturday, with a minimum 4 hour booking.

We have a strict policy of only hosting One Event at a Time ~ Yours!

Call (503) 656-1894  or email for more information and to start hatching plans.