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Community Organization & Local Government


Whether you represent a School, Charity, or other Non-Profit Community Service or Organization
Ainsworth House & Gardens is always happy to support your work
by offering a minimum 50% discount on space rental charges.

We all know that we rely on the many people who work or volunteer in jobs that keep important services running for the rest of us – and they rarely get sufficiently thanked.

One way Ainsworth House is happy to offer some thanks is by providing a beautiful, appropriate and peaceful space for these people to use when they need to have a retreat day, conference, fund-raiser or gathering.

Also, every year, Ainsworth House offers free space to a limited number of new and/or emerging local non-profit organizations so that they can “get off the ground,” usually by hosting their first fund-raiser and/or community outreach opportunity.

If you have a charity or other non-profit who might like to use Ainsworth House please email or call (503) 6565-1894 and ask to speak with Kevin.  We’ll be happy to see what we can do to help you.

Charities and non-profits who have benefitted from Ainsworth House’s free or reduced charges policy include:

  • Adventist Health Hospital – Hospice Team
  • Basic Rights Oregon
  • City of Oregon City Chamber of Commerce
  • City of Oregon City Commissioners & Management Retreat
  • City of Orgeon City Schools Department
  • Clackamas County Commissioners, and Various County Departments
  • Clackamas Womens Services
  • Cerimon House
  • Franciscan Spirituality Center
  • Human Rights Campaign (Portland)
  • Lions Club of Oregon City
  • New Centuty Players
  • No Soldier Left Behind
  • OC Together
  • Oregon Regency Society
  • The Living Room
  • Vibra Specialty Hospital (Portland)

Every time someone hosts a wedding, party or corporate gathering at Ainsworth House they are supporting this work in the community.  Thank you!

 Let us know how we can help you!