Doggone Cute Ways Your Dog Can Be Present at Your Wedding…without Being There in Person

We know that you love your dog or dogs. There are so many creative, insanely smart ways in which to include your dog without having your dog at your wedding. Read on and find out more!

Hey, John!

Kim and I would love to have our dog, Max, at our wedding but we realize that not all of our guests love Max as much as we do. Since Max will be at doggy day camp during our wedding, are there ways we can include him in our big day without being at our wedding in person?

–Will the Bewildered in Wilsonville

dog in tuxedo

Hey, Will!

Thank you for taking your guests’ feelings into consideration on your wedding day. Bravo!

At Ainsworth House & Gardens, we appreciate all the creative ways engaged couples include their dogs on their big day.

Here’s a few of our favorite ways!

2 dogs, bride, and groom

Tip #1: Include your dog in the photo for your

  1. Save the Date cards
  2. Your wedding invitations
  3. Your dog’s face or dog breed on the foil seals you put on anything you mail to guests. (The alternative is a stamp which is pressed into melted wax to seal any communications you mail. In the Middle Ages, the stamp provided proof that a king or other official sent the document. The stamp gives your mail a classical feel.)
  4. Your wedding website
  5. A photo of your dog on your Welcome table
  6. Photo table numbers
  7. Place cards (or opt for dog-themed place cards)
  8. Offer doggy wedding favors such as coasters with your dog’s face on them.
  9. A photo of your dog could be a prop for your photo booth.
  10. Paw-print confetti
  11. Thank you notes from all three of you.
  12. Some or all of the above.

Tip #2: Select dog-themed jewelry or cuff links to honor your pup. (Maybe those are “ruff” links…)

Tip #3: Sweet Reminders of Your Dog

  • Have a cake topper which includes all three of you or just your pup.
  • Your mixologist can create a drink which is named for your pampered pooch. Add doggy personalized drink stirrers and/or canine cocktail napkins to complete the look.
  • Serve cookies to your guests with your dog’s happy face on them. Many bakeries can artistically render your dog’s face as the decoration on cookies.
  • Offer guests with a dog or cat at home a doggie bag of treats from your pet to theirs.

Tip #4: Reminders for You!

  • Inkchanted Paper and Designs can illustrate hangers with an image of your dog.

Tip #5: Remembering Those Who Left Paw Prints on Your Heart

  • If you or beloved owned pets who have past on, you might want to honor those pets by having a stuffed animal that resembles your pets held by someone in the first row at your wedding. One bride set up a children’s table at which stuffed animals represented each of the dogs and cats she or her beloved once cherished. It was such a sweet reminder of pets who crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

If you’d like more doggone cute ideas, reach out to us. We’re happy to help you!

Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne

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