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Funerals & Memorials


At this very difficult time for families, Ainsworth House offers its sincere condolences and the practical assistance of our lowest rates.

Regardless of the day or season, though subject to availability, we offer a flat rate of $175 an hour for the entire space of Ainsworth House, to include all the tables and chairs you’ll need, an altar or other frontal, candles, lectern, help with setting up food, and use of our coffee and hot water urns.  Also available are our AV and sound systems.  You can even hold the ceremony outside (weather permitting) and then move inside for the refreshments.

Many people have delighted in the garden view from our Conservatory as well as the wonderful light through it’s many windows and skylights.  This can be an appropriately calm and yet positive environment for such an often sad occasion, when there is enough darkness without having to gather in a room or chapel without natural light.

Rev. Kevin Yell, managing partner of Ainsworth House & Gardens, was a hospice chaplain for 5 years and so knows the needs and pressures on families when they are planning a Funeral, Memorial or Celebration of Life.   For this reason we never refuse to host such an event if we possibly can.  This, and our commitment to community organizations, is what makes Ainsworth House special – and a very active part of the local, living community.

Please let us know if we can help. Call (503) 656-1894 or email