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2024 Wedding Trend: Patterns!

While a few, subtle patterns have been added to edges of wedding invitations in the last few years, 2024 will be different! Bold patterns such as tartans and paisley prints will the guests of honor as bows on wedding dresses, ribbons on bouquets, and countless table linens. Read on to find out more!

Murray tartan

Hey, John!

I am proudly part of the Clan Cameron of Scotland and will be wearing my kilt to our wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens next July.

My Scottish lass, Isla, is from the Clan Murray. Can we use our family tartans as patterns during our wedding and reception? If so, where?


–Lachlan in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Hey, Lachlan!

You picked the right year to get married because patterns are trending for 2024 weddings!

 Add your two tartans as a border on your invitations, as the bows on your bouquets, as napkins and on table runners at your reception.

A tartan is a pattern which can appear at a number of places at your wedding and reception.

Scottish tartan table runner
Sareh Nouri wedding dress

Certain designers are putting the pattern into the wedding dress. (See the blue hydrangeas on this Sareh Nouri designer wedding dress.)

OK, let’s step back a moment. What if you didn’t have a tartan?

How could you select a pattern such as a plaid, a paisley, chevron, polka dot, stripes, or checkered?

  1. Start with the colors you want for your wedding. Let’s say that you selected yellow and blue. Next, select the shades of each color you want.
  2. Go to Google. Search for “Zazzle blue and yellow wedding invitations” or any online printer. See if there is a wedding invitation which catches your attention. You will find tartans, stripes, paisleys, chic geometric patterns, classic florals or retro-inspired, bold designs.

3. Often, an online printer can supply you with a ribbon for the bride’s dress, ties for the men, table runners, table linens, a customized pattern backdrop for your photo booth, and other items with the pattern you selected.

4. Select a pattern which reflects your taste and is deeply personal. A family tartan certainly is!

If you have questions, please reach out to me. I’m happy to help you!


tartan tie
copper and black design

Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne


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