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7 Tips to Help the Bride Look Taller

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 34% of all American women are under 5’4″ tall. These petite brides often seek ways to look taller on their wedding day. While wearing 7″ platform high heels is a solution, we have 7 great tips which don’t involve platform shoes!

Help! Christie!!!!!

Michael and I are getting married in 6 months. I am so happy!

Here’s the thing: While we were both college student-athletes, I competed in women’s gymnastics and he was on the men’s volleyball team. Yeah, there’s a height difference. Big time! How can I appear taller?

–Diminutive Bride-to-Be in Dundee, Oregon

Hey, Diminutive Bride!

I am happy to help you! I’ve picked up many tips and tricks. Let me share!

  1. Carry a vertical bouquet with medium to long stems. This draws the eyes of your guests up and down (which makes you appear taller) rather than left to right (which makes you appear smaller). If you are 4’11”, now is not the time to carry calla lilies with 3’ of stems…that’s a little too much.

Tip #2: Find a dress with a slit or have the dress altered to add a slit from the hem up to your knee (or higher, depending on your bravery).

The slit draws your guests’ eyes up, making you seem taller.

Recently, the famous gymnast Simone Biles selected a wedding dress with a long slit to make her look taller when she married her NFL player-beau, Jonathan Owens.

Tip #3: There are certain dress designs which can make you appear taller. These include:

Look for an empire line dress like this one to the left. They don’t have a waistline so the dress has a very fluid, long line floating from just under your bust down to swish gracefully along the floor. This makes your body look taller and your torso longer.  

Dresses with vertical patterns in the beading or lace can make you look taller.

Dresses with vertical patterns in the beading or lace can make you look taller.

Vertical pleats in the skirt draw the eyes up and people think you are taller.

A simple sheath dress often creates the illusion you are taller.

Look for a sleeveless dress which could be off the shoulder or strapless.

Consider a scooped neckline, a V neck, or sweetheart neckline which makes your neck look longer and makes your torso appear longer. Brava!

(For example, see Kate Middleton’s V neck wedding gown to the right.)

Avoid closed necklines or high necklines because these make you look shorter.

Avoid the ballerina or the fluffy dress—these make you look shorter.

Caution: dresses with a lot of patterns and beading can make you appear shorter than you are. Run away!!!

Tip #4: Select accessories which emphasize long and skinny—e.g., chandelier earrings, long necklaces that fit inside your neckline.

Tip #5: Hair: You can increase your height with an updo like high bun OR a high pony tail on the top of your head from which you style a chignon. When you slick sides back, you appear taller almost instantaneously! Not only do you look elegant and glamorous, but these styles also elongate your neck!

Tip #6: Your Veil. Increase your height with a multi-layered veil.

Tip #7L Heels. You knew I’d get here eventually. Don’t look for the tallest heels you can find…look for the most comfortable. If you are comfortable in your shoes, you are more likely to stand up straight. Good posture with your chin up, shoulders back, and tummy held in will make you look taller than any of the other 6 tips offered here. Standing up straight allows you to carry yourself elegantly and this makes you seem taller!

If you have other questions about your wedding, please reach out to me here at Ainsworth House & Gardens Wedding Venue.

i am cheering you on!

Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne


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