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Random Acts of Ring Bearer-nesss

Looking for a way to make your wedding truly unique? We’ve got it! Select your ring bearer randomly during your wedding ceremony! Read on to find out how you can pull this off with hilarious success!

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Hey, Christie!

Thanks for helping us plan our amazing Ainsworth House & Gardens wedding! You are the best!!!

While we are following a traditional order for the wedding ceremony, we’d like to do something unexpected. Any ideas?


Hey, Hannah!

We enjoy collaborating with you two to create your incredibly special day! And by the way, that’s a great question!

Here’s an idea: Arrange for a random ring bearer. Instead of selecting a young boy as your ring bearer, do something entirely different.

  1. Select a chair at your wedding ceremony that is on the outside aisle.

  2. I strongly recommend that the chair be near the front of the congregation since there is a greater chance a person will be escorted to that chair by an usher or groomsman. If you select a chair near the back of the congregation, there might not be anyone sitting there.

  3. Tape your rings underneath that chair.

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4. Tell the groomsmen or ushers to make sure that they seat a well dressed man in that seat. If this is an outdoor wedding, make sure the guest is capable of walking up the aisle. Bonus points is he has a great sense of humor!

5. If there is someone you really want to be your ring bearer, tell the groom’s squad who this person is. Have the groom’s squad seat that person in that chair.

6. Tell the videographer and photographer to be ready and focused on that the person in that chair when you arrive at the rings part of your ceremony.

7. When you arrive at that point in your ceremony at which you place wedding rings on, either you or your groom should take the mike and say a version of the following:

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“We are now at the point where we give each other our wedding rings…except we don’t have them. Could you all look under your chairs? One of these chairs has our rings taped underneath it. Could you—you lucky person, you—bring them up to us as our ring bearer? Thanks!”

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8. When the person finds the rings, invite them to stand up and come forward to give the rings to the officiant.

9. The person is thanked by you and returns to his seat.

10. Your ceremony continues.

Could a woman be your ring bearer? Yes! It’s up to you two how much or how little you want to control the situation. If you want a specific person to be your random ring bearer, then make sure they are escorted to that special chair. If you want this to be completely random, than that is your option.

This has worked at other weddings; it is hilarious when the random ring bearer gets into the role and has fun with it.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to me.

Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne


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