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September Birthstones and Birth Flowers for Your Wedding

September is that amazing month when warm summer days simmer down later in the month to become crisp, fall nights. If you want to celebrate your loved ones born in September, we have the information you seek! Read on to find out about the gorgeous deep blue birth gems and the fabulous birth flowers of September.

Margaret Babcock painted by Stella Mackie

Hey, Christie!

We are so excited to be getting married there later this year! Thank you for all your help!

My grandmother, Margaret, was born September 15. (That’s her portrait to the left. It was painted by Stella Mackie, the famous Canadian artist.)

I’d like to honor my grandmother at our wedding by having either her birthstone in my ring or her birth flowers at our wedding.

What are they?


–Kaylee in Corvalis

Hey, Kaylee!

We’ve really enjoyed collaborating with you and your beloved! Thank you for letting us be part of your journey.

September is our transition month from the warmth of summer days to the chill of fall mornings. We see the start of autumn with leaves turning to red and gold here in the Pacific Northwest.

fall leaf on tree turning orange with heart shape cut out of it
lapis lazuli stones

Like many months, September has two birthstones and two birth flowers. Both of the birth gems are a deep blue—sapphire and lapis lazuli. Why two? Sapphire is associated with the Zodiac sign Virgo for those born Sept. 1-23 and lapis lazuli is associated with the Zodiac sign, Libra, for those born Sept. 24-30. The two birth flowers are Aster and Morning Glory. Let’s dive deeper!

September Birthstones: Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli


How did we get the word “sapphire” in English?

Our English word, “sapphire” has its root in the Latin word, “sapphirus” which means “blue stone.”

What does a sapphire mean?

This true blue gemstone signifies sincerity (being true blue), truthfulness, constancy, nobility, and purity of the soul.

Is the sapphire a precious stone?

Yes. Along with diamond, emerald, and ruby, a sapphire is considered valuable and thus is a precious gemstone.

For those celebrating their 5th. or 45th. wedding anniversaries, a sapphire is the traditional gift of good luck.

sapphire pendant
lapis lazuli stones

Lapis Lazuli

While the sapphire is a deep blue crystal, lapis lazuli is a dark blue metamorphic rock.  Metamorphic rocks are made because rock materials are subjected to high heat or high pressure during which the elements melt to form a new rock. Lapis lazuli has layers of  blue lazurite with flecks of gold pyrite (fool’s gold), and white calcite.



What does lapis lazuli mean or represent?

Often used in jewelry for royalty, the rock represents wisdom, courage, strength, intellect, truth, and friendship.

When was lapis lazuli first mined? Where?

It was first mined about 6,000 years ago in Afghanistan.

lapis lazuli necklace
aster flowers for weddings

September Birth Flowers:

Aster & Morning Glory

We can thank the Ancient Romans for the custom of assigning flowers to a specific month to honor those people born in that month.  The birth month flower is typically at the peak of its growing season during that month.


What is an aster?

The aster is a star-shaped flower.

In which colors will an aster bloom?

White, yellow, pink, red, bright blue, or purple. They often have a white or a yellow center.


pink aster flower
shite asters

What does an aster mean?

  • Love, undying devotion

  • purity, innocence

  • wisdom

  • royalty, and

  • sensitivity.

Where do we get the word “Aster” for this flower?

According to Greek mythology, there are two connections.

The aster was associated with Venus, the goddess of love.

In the second myth, the “Starry Maid,” Astraea, became overwhelmed with sadness when she realized that there were no stars on Earth.

She began to cry. When her tears splashed on the ground, they were instantly changed into the aster, a star-shaped flower.

In Greek, “aster” means “star.”

Shine brightly, lovely asters!

lavender asters
Morning Glory flowers for weddings

Morning Glory

If you have heard that some people are morning people and function better earlier in the day, then this flower is the equivalent. This trumpet-shaped flower blooms when the sun warms the Earth in the early morning and often closes up tightly before the sun’s heat becomes too much for the little flower.


What does a morning glory mean or represent?

Since they bloom vibrantly at sunrise and fade during the day, this flower represents the fleeting temporary nature of life that is finite. To the Victorians who assigned meanings to flowers, the morning glory represents affection and love.


Specific colors have additional meanings. These include:

  • White: purity and innocence.

  • Pink: appreciation and energy.

  • Red: passion and strength.

  • Blue: lasting love and desire.

  • Purple: hope, grace, and wealth.

red morning glories on a vine

You could add any of these flowers to your bouquets or floral arrangements and add the birthstones to your jewelry.

Reach out to me if you have additional questions.


Your friend in the wedding business,


Christie Shyne


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