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20 Amazing Ways to Honor the Mother of the Bride

If you were blessed with a wonderful mother who encouraged you, guided you, and cheered for you, you may want to honor her or thank her during your wedding. Here are 20 fabulous ideas you can use to honor your mother, grandmother, aunt, or friend who was by your side and helped you grow into the fabulous adult you are today! (And, you can use these ways to honor the mother of the groom too!)

mother and bride

Hey, Christie!

Dallas and I are getting married at Ainsworth House & Gardens in October! We can’t wait!!!

I know how to honor my dad during our wedding:

He gets his First Look.

He will walk me down the aisle.

He will have a Father-Daughter Dance with me.

Question: How can I honor my mom? Can these ideas be used to honor the mother of the groom too?

Thank you for your amazing ideas!



Hey, Hannah!

That’s a great question! Thank you for asking it!

Moms are often our best friends and most ardent cheerleaders.

It shows how kind a daughter you are that you want to honor your mom!  Brava!



Mother kisses wedding bride on her forehead
mother and wedding bride

(Share this list with your partner in case your beloved wants to honor their mother before, during, or after the wedding. Coordinate who is doing what!)

I’ll organize my answers by your timeline: Before the Wedding, During the Wedding, and At the Reception. Let’s go!

Before the Wedding

  1. Ask your mom if she has any wedding traditions she’d like to see you continue at your wedding. Maybe there is  a tradition specific to your culture she’d like you to continue.

  2. Ask your mom to use her skills planning for the wedding. If she’s great at organizing, ask her to create a planning spreadsheet for you. If she excels at crafts, ask if she’d help make decorations, create Welcome Bags, or wedding favors.

3. Go dress shopping with her for your dress. If you want to include her in shopping for the bridesmaids’ dresses, great! (She may want to include you when shopping for the Mother of the Bride outfit.)

4. Add her favorite flowers or her birth month flowers to your bouquets, floral arrangements, and corsages. Let people know why that particular flower is included in your wedding.

5. Borrow something from Mom. Carry her Bible, her cross, or her handkerchief with your flowers. Wear her veil.

6. Wear a piece of her jewelry or family jewelry which has been passed down through the generations.

7. Give her engraved jewelry before your wedding which she can wear on your wedding day.


wedding bride, her mother and grandmother
bride puts corsage on her mother

8, Ask her to help you dress on the day of your wedding. She may have dreamed of this day since the day you first opened your eyes on Earth. Let her enjoy these moments! Then, let her get ready in another room.

9. After you are completely ready, bring her back into the room. Let her have a First Look separate from your dad. Take photos!

During the Wedding

10. Have your mom or your mom and dad walk you down the aisle.

11. Add the Rose Ceremony to your wedding. Before you say your vows, you and your partner each give a rose to your mother. While you two are giving out the roses. your officiant gives a speech on what the Rose Ceremony means to you.

12. Ask her to give a reading, sing a song, or perform a musical piece during your wedding.

13. Ask her to give the Mother’s Blessing over you two near the end of your ceremony.

14. She could sign your marriage certificate as a witness.

At the Reception

15. In a photo display at your wedding (or in a slide show), share photos of loving moments, happy times, and favorite laughs with your mother.

Mother of the bride and wedding bride
Mother and bride face each other and hold hands.

16. Schedule Mother-Daughter photo shoot.

17. Thank her in a toast or speech. (If you would rather do this privately, say it to her before your ceremony when you are getting ready.)

18. Have her give a toast.

19. Have a Mother-Daughter Dance to your favorite song. Invite the other mom-daughter pairs to join you on the dance floor.

20. Instead of having a bouquet toss, give your bouquet to your mom. Acknowledge her in your speech as you do so. (She might preserve your bouquet after the ceremony.)

If you have any other questions, please reach out to me.


Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne

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