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The Ainsworth Gardens


A continually evolving story of natural beauty and Nature’s energetic diversity. We hope you enjoy the pictures and come to see the real thing, though Garden Tours are available by appointment only.  Call 503-656-1894 or email for information.

A message from the owners:

“When the House was purchased in March 2005 the grounds had been untouched for over 2 years.

Brambles and ivy were everywhere and what few plants were left were suffering from neglect and overgrown with weeds.

The grove of Black Locust trees had ivy 30′ up them, and nothing had been done to safeguard the roots of the magnificent Ponderosa Pine that dominates the main lawn.

Apart from the larger trees, therefore, virtually everything you see today has been planted since March 2005.

Thank you to the many individuals, families, nurseries and plant societies who have donated plants and advice to us over the years. Enjoy!”