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The 8 Most Gorgeous Flowers for Your September Wedding!

September is a wonderful month to get married at Ainsworth House & Gardens in Oregon City, Oregon! The days are still crisp and clear while being cooler than the warmth of summer. To help you plan, here is a list of 8 beautiful, in-season flowers for your September wedding!

orange rose flower for weddings

Hey, Christie!

Tyler and I are getting married in September at Ainsworth House & Gardens! Yay! While many of your trees will still be verdant green, we know that a few will have started to change to the gold and red of fall. We can’t wait to get those colors into our wedding photos! BTW, Are there any flowers you recommend for a September wedding?


–Taylor in Tillamook, Oregon

Hey, Taylor!

Thanks for the great question!

We love fall weddings here at Ainsworth—it’s one of the most popular months to get married!

After the heat of summer and before the rains of winter, fall features crisp, clear days as the leaves turn into the vibrant shades of autumn!


fall leaf on tree turning orange with heart shape cut out of it
bride in autumn

In fall, there are gorgeous flowers which are in season and available locally. These two factors can lower your costs by as much as 40% since they weren’t trucked in from Lower Slobbovia  and makes your wedding sustainable.

Here are 8 of our favorite in season September wedding blossoms:

  1. Agapanthus

(See the photo at the top of this blog post.) Called the “Lily of the Nile” or the “Blue African Lily,” this extra-long stemmed flower features large clusters of petals in white, pink, blue, and vibrant purple. If you are looking for aisle arrangements tall enough to sit on the ground, consider the Lily of the Nile. These hardy and long-lasting flowers won’t wilt—relieving you of one worry on your wedding day! These flowers are perfect for garden and countryside weddings like the ones we host here at Ainsworth House & Gardens. Agapanthus mixes will with allium, delphinium, and natural grasses which add dimension and depth to your arrangements.

2. Clematis

This impressive flower with large, attention-grabbing petals is a member of the buttercup family. Clematis blooms in white, pink, and purple and has delicate, beautiful foliage. This romantic flower will shine in your bridal bouquets. Since it is a smaller flower, it is often placed in table arrangements so that guests can experience these beautiful blooms. Pair Clematis with honeysuckle, sturdier flowers, and ferns for your garden wedding at Ainsworth House!

pink Clematis flowers for wedding
Cosmos flower in peach

3. Cosmos

Petite and fragile, these delicate, whimsical flowers add movement and warmth to any bouquet or centerpiece.

Blooming in white, yellow, peach/coral, orange, pink, magenta, or chocolate, these flowers add a perky pop of color at your Ainsworth Gardens wedding. Cosmos are affordable at $2-$3 per stem.

4. Dahlias

Since the Dahlia comes in a variety of shapes (water lily to ball-shaped) and they bloom in nearly every color imaginable, we see them at many September weddings.

Dahlias are a large flower with rich textures and symmetrical petals—very impressive and very versatile! Perfect for bouquets and centerpieces, they pair well with roses, hydrangeas, and other smaller, seasonal flowers. For a rustic vibe, select Earth tones. For a more tropical feel, pair them with anthuriums and orchids.  Caution: like Cosmos, they don’t like direct sunlight or heat. Make sure the flowers are in the shade (or indoors) and are hydrated so that they don’t wilt.  

Often, Dahlias cost $9-$24 per stem depending on color and shape.

Dahlias in orange for wedding bouquets
Blue hydrangeas flowers for wedding

5. Hydrangeas

Thought it was only a summer flower? Think again!

With their fluffy, voluminous size, they fit easily into a ceremony arch or a reception entry installation as a showstopper. Because hydrangeas were lovingly tended by grandmothers and great aunts, the flowers provide a nostalgic feeling while giving an elegant and romantic vibe for your traditional or garden wedding.

There are two types of hydrangeas: Standard and the newer hydrangeas.

Standard hydrangeas bloom in white, pink, red, blue, purple, and green. They are less expensive and are hardier than their more colorful cousins. Standard hydrangeas are happy being arranged on floral foam which costs less what the colorful flowers need.

The more colorful hydrangeas are more delicate: They need water constantly and cost a bit more. Each stem needs to be in water so that they don’t wilt.

6. Orchids

Looking for a flower with impact and is impressive? Check out orchids! Blooming in white, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, blue, and green, they fit into any color palette. Available in a cascading structure, they create a refined, sophisticated single flower bridal bouquet or a striking, tall centerpiece. Although they often cost $15-$35 per stem, you don’t need many of them to make an impression! Keep them watered and they will stun you with their sturdiness!

White Orchid flowers for wedding
Wedding rose in glass jar

7. Roses

 Available year-round, roses are in demand at almost every September because they symbolize romance and love—the cornerstones of every successful marriage.

Since there are over 100 varieties, identify what you need the roses for before you start shopping.

Depending on size and color, you can add roses to bouquets, ceremony arches, aisle installations, overhead arrangements, and more.

If you seek a showstopper, look into garden roses which come in a rainbow of colors.

If you seek a delicate touch, consider spray roses which are smaller than garden roses and offer a gentle touch to any arrangement.

Green and white bouquets are often seen at royal weddings while darker hued roses are part of a bohemian aesthetic.


8.  Zinnias

Available in a variety of colors (white, yellow, orange, red, scarlet, magenta, pink, purple, and green), Zinnias are round flowers with uniform petals and rich texture which add bold, splashy hues to wedding palettes. For a refined, organic vibe, arrange Zinnias with Dahlias, Antique Hydrangeas, and wild grasses. (Not that Wild Grass…) Zinnias can stand alone for a paired-back, modern feel or combined with other flowers to add their charm and softness. Like Cosmos, keep them in water so that they won’t wilt.

Zinnia flowers for weddings

If you have any questions, reach out to me. I’m happy to help you!

Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne


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