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10 Insanely Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Invitations

At your wedding, there are certain budget items on which you can save money. This is one of them! When pursing the paper chase as you look for invitations, ceremony programs, menu cards, and thank you cards, there are ways to lower your expenses without anyone being the wiser. Then you can spend that money on something else like another two or three nights of your honeymoon!


Without compromising your dreams or your style, you can use these insanely smart ways to save money on your paper goods.

1. When you buy all your printed goods

(“save the date” cards,
invitations, ceremony programs, menus, and thank-you cards)

from the same company,
you may be able to get a discount.

If they don’t offer a discount, ask if they do!

Try Crane’s Notes

for high quality paper

or Kelly Spicer 

to buy your paper wholesale.


2. Ask when your favorite paper goods store will have a sale.

Often, it’s around Christmas or Easter.

3. Though linen and jacquard papers are famous for their luxurious feel, they have a luxurious price tag. Cotton paper, which feels just as elegant, costs much less. Since very few—if any—of your guests will save your printed materials after your wedding, it doesn’t make sense to spend extra for the upscale paper. Unless you have an unlimited budget, in which case—go for it!


4. Classic white or cream invitations with black lettering are often less expensive than the trendier pastels or bright colors. While you are at it, delete the colored borders or colored inks because these increase the price. Who knew being classic could cost less than being trendy?


5. Use plain white envelopes. These are far less expensive than decorated envelopes. 

6. Thermography, which uses heat during printing to create a raised letter look, costs about half what engraving or embossing does–and it looks nearly identical.


7. Instead of paying the printer to fold your invitations, have a party with wine and appetizers to stuff all your invitations!  

wedding invitation

8. Order 10% more than you think you will need.
Why? You may need to send a second invitation to a loved one who moved or your
calligraphy wasn’t quite perfect so you need a do over. If you order more than
you think you need, the cost is less now than if you have to run back to the
printer later.

9. DIY it: You can print your invitations on a laser printer…or
your friend’s laser printer. On Canva, you can find hundreds of wedding
invitation designs which you can personalize with your info. You can change the
font, the background color(s), and the images to make it your own. You can
order the paper from Amazon, Crane’s, or Kelly Spicer.


10. Use an e-invitation instead of mailing paper invitations.
Paperless Post allows you to design and send e-mailed invitations. Better yet,
Paperless Post keeps track of who responded that they are coming to your
wedding and those who regretfully declined.


At Ainsworth House & Gardens, we are here to help you enjoy
your wedding!



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