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June letters hanging on a clothesline

What Are June’s Birthstones and Birth Flowers?

According to legend, if you were born in the month of June, then there are five birthstones and birth flowers which bring you good luck! (In fact, June has more of these than any other month!) Read on to learn more! Hey, Christie! Jason and I are so excited to be getting married at Ainsworth

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Mother kisses bride on her forehead

What Color Should I Wear as the Mother of the Bride?

As the Mother of the Bride (MOB), you want to harmonize with the other wedding party members and yet, have your own distinct color, style, fabric, and presentation. Read on to find out which colors harmonize with others so you can select the best MOB dress for you! Hey, Christie! My daughter, Ciara, is getting

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Hello May (the month_

The Merry Month of May’s Birthstones and Birth Flowers

What are the lucky birthstones and birth flowers for those born in the merry month of May? Read on to find out more about the meanings behind each of these unique birth gems and birth flowers for the fifth month of the year! Hey, John! Are there birthstones and/or birth flowers for the month of

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Father-daughter wedding dance

The Best Songs for Your Daddy-Daughter Dance!

Each year, musicians create new songs which are perfect for the Father of the Bride to dance with his beloved daughter on her wedding day. Here is a list of songs dating back to the Big Band Era up to today from which you might find the perfect song for your father-daughter wedding dance! Hey,

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wedding cake decorated with lavender and white flowers

11 Super Cool Wedding Cake Trends for 2024-2025

Looking for innovative ideas to make your wedding cake stand out from the crowd? We’ve got ’em! From bold flavor combos to incredible textures, these are the trends catching on! Read on to find out more! 11 Super Cool Wedding Cake Trends for 2024 Hey, Christie! Jordan and I are getting married at Ainsworth House

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tile letters spell out "Hello April"

April Birthstone & Flowers for Your Wedding

Did you know that those born in April are graced with one birthstone and two birth flowers? You might want to incorporate these into your wedding if you have a birthday in April or wish to honor a cherished family member or friend who does! Read on to find out more! Hey, John! I need

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frustrated woman Pixabay

RSVP-ageddon: Getting Your Guests to Respond!

It’s become a universal problem that guests aren’t sending their RSVPs! In this blog post, we present a way to increase your chances of getting a response AND what you can do if they don’t respond to tell you if they are coming to your wedding…or not. Hey, Christie! Help! My wedding is coming up

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girl sitting on a bench alone and sad

Left out of the Wedding? Here is How to Heal Hurt Feelings

As the trend toward smaller weddings continues, engaged couples need to get creative on how they create special roles in their weddings for cherished family and friends. Here are our suggestions! Hey, Christie! Help! Family drama overload! My fiancé, Charlie, and I are both in our early 30’s and so excited to be getting married

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bride tosses her bouquet to single women

12 Costly Things You Can Skip at Your Reception

Budgeting is the art of give and take. If you know which reception traditions you want to skip, you can dedicate the money you budgeted for another day of honeymooning or any other expenditure. Let us show you what elite wedding planners are suggesting you can skip at your reception…and it’s possible that none of

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18 Amazing Wedding Trends for 2024!

Keeping up on the latest wedding trends is almost a full-time job! Let Ainsworth House & Gardens’ John Shyne and the experienced staff help you decide which trends will help you have the wedding of your dreams! Hey, John! I have been helping my partner, Sarah, plan our wedding. We are so excited about our

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photographer at a wedding

Do I Need a Wedding Content Creator?

Hiring a wedding content creator for your wedding to take candid static photos and vertical videos is a wedding trend which is gaining momentum this year. Find out what a wedding content creator can do for you! Hey, Christie! I just attended Elissa and Tyler’s wedding and they had this wedding content creator running around

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