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Final Fantasy VII Love's Chapel engagement ring

Super Cool Engagement Rings for Geeks and Nerds

LOTR engagement rings? Yep! Gamer engagement rings? We’ve got them! Sci-fi engagement rings? Yes! Read on to find out more about engagement rings designed for those for those immersed in those interests! Hey, Christie! I need your help! I love Leonard and I think he might propose! Is there any way to nudge him toward

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hula dancers

7 Super Cool Experiential Entertainments for Your Wedding!

2024 wedding trend: Offer your guests an experience which entertains them! Here are 7 of our favorites! Hey, Christie! Brent and I are so excited to be getting married in 2024 at Ainsworth House & Gardens! We can’t wait!!!We’ve discussed how to get our guests involved in our wedding but we’re not sure what to

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Belleek Irish Marriage Blessing Plate

What Is an Irish Marriage Blessing Plate?

Many cultures have traditions around wedding or marriage blessings and how this is done. Read on to learn more about a tradition you might use if you are Irish…or would like to include and Irish custom at your wedding! Hey, Christie! I need your help! My Irish-American grandmother, Maeve, has a gorgeous Irish Marriage Blessing

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Bailey Dobson's lost wedding dress

Goodwill Hunting

When Bailey’s wedding dress was accidentally donated to Goodwill four months before her wedding, Bailey was heartbroken. Her family, friends, community, and Goodwill worked together to find a solution. Read on to find out more! Stay with me: There is a happy ending. In August 2023, in the beautiful region of Northwest Arkansas—a land blessed

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Ainsworth House wedding

2024 Wedding Trends: Personalized & Intimate Celebrations

Looking ahead to 2024, more couples at Ainsworth House & Gardens are planning innovations! Read on to discover the trends! Hey, John! Alexis and I are planning our 2024 wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens. Are there any  wedding trends we should know? Thanks! –Trent in Tigard, Oregon Hey, Trent! That’s a great question! In

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Famous Apache leader, Geronimo

May I Use the Apache Marriage Blessing?

When we are not a member of a particular community, navigating the waters of how to gain permission to utilize information can be tricky. Here are a few suggestions for resolving this quandry. Hey, Christie! Michael and I are so excited to be getting married next summer at your beau venue! Thank you for making

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Wonder Woman in Legos

7 Super Cool Tips for Your Superheroes Wedding

If you and your partner love superheroes and want to give your guests a theme to “marvel” at, check out these seven super cool tips for the best superheroes-themed wedding EVER! Hey, John! Sarah and I bonded over our love for all things Marvel and Disney. Can we incorporate superheroes into our wedding? Thanks! Alex

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Drawing of Hermoine from Harry Potter books

6 Secrets for an Amazing Harry Potter Wedding!

We’ll share the six secrets to the perfect Harry Potter wedding with you! No magic wands needed to make your day magical! Hey, John! Lauren and I are huge Potterheads. How can we incorporate our love for all things Harry Potter into our wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens? Thanks! Kyle in Keizer, Oregon  

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The Ultimate Kiss-Off: A Man Being Handed a Pumpkin

Since it’s Halloween (where has the year gone!?), let’s talk about pumpkins! The tradition of carving pumpkins has its roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain which took place in ancient Britain and Ireland. It was a celebration marking the end of summer and the start of the new year on November 1. It was

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emerald and diamond ring

The Guy’s Guide to Engagement Ring Gemstones

Thinking of popping the questions but not sure which gemstone will make your beloved’s eyes pop? Read on to learn about diamonds and gemstones–which ones are birthstones, their colors, and their meanings! This quick guide should get you started on your quest for the perfect ring! Go get ’em, Tiger! Hey, John! HELP! Engagement season

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