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Groom in a gray suit with a rose on his lapel and a pocket square.

Pocket Square or Handkerchief for My Wedding???

To help you decide which of these you might want to wear at your wedding, we provide you and grooms everywhere this easy-to-use guide to smart style! Hey, John! I need your help! Hannah and I are getting married at Ainsworth House & Gardens in October and I still don’t know if I should pick

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flowers for Saraj's October wedding by Kathy B.

How Can I Get More Flowers for My Money in October?

With the advances in transportation in the last 10 years, you can now get almost any flower any time of the year…but the costs may be much higher if you select flowers that are not in season. By selecting in season flowers for your October wedding in Oregon, you are supporting local farmers and florists,

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Mother kisses wedding bride on her forehead

Can the Mother Speak a Blessing over the Bride and Groom? Yes!

In certain cultures, the mothers of the bride and groom (and often the fathers) speak a blessing over the couple near the end of their wedding ceremony. Here are four traditional mother’s blessings we’ve found from the Celtic, Irish, and Scottish cultures. Any person selected by the bride and groom could read these blessings over

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Mother kisses her daughter the bride on the forehead Pexels

20 Amazing Ways to Honor the Mother of the Bride

If you were blessed with a wonderful mother who encouraged you, guided you, and cheered for you, you may want to honor her or thank her during your wedding. Here are 20 fabulous ideas you can use to honor your mother, grandmother, aunt, or friend who was by your side and helped you grow into

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Two wedding rings tied to a ring bearer's pillow

Random Acts of Ring Bearer-nesss

Looking for a way to make your wedding truly unique? We’ve got it! Select your ring bearer randomly during your wedding ceremony! Read on to find out how you can pull this off with hilarious success! Hey, Christie! Thanks for helping us plan our amazing Ainsworth House & Gardens wedding! You are the best!!! While

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Epic Drone Tour of Ainsworth House & Gardens Event Venue!

Take a tour of Ainsworth House & Gardens, a wedding and event venue with seven indoor and outdoor locations for your celebration! Hey, Christie! I hope you can help me! My buddies, Kayla and Mitch, had an amazing wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens! I feel in love with your gorgeous gardens, the amazing glass

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Bride and groom in tennis shoes

Could the Groom Wear Tennis Shoes? Maybe…

They tell you to be comfortable at your wedding. They tell you to “be yourself.” For some grooms, that means wearing the most comfortable shoes that represent themselves: sneakers! Here are style tips on which tennis shoes, sneakers, or kicks to pair with what you’re going to wear on your big day! Hey, John! Thanks

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Ainsworth wedding by Photography by Cambrae

As a Man, What Should I Wear to the Wedding?

Balck tie? Sunset formal? California Casual? What should a guy wear to a wedding??? Let us share a quick guide to what each of the wedding dress codes means for you! Hey, John! I’m a guest at an Ainsworth House & Gardens wedding this summer. I am so totally confused by the dress code “sunset

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Ainsworth House & Gardens wedding ;by Photography by Cambrae

As a Woman, What Should I Wear as a Wedding Guest?

What should a woman or female wear to a wedding? That depends on the dress code selected by the bride and groom. To help you decide what to wear to a wedding, check out our handy dandy guide to what each of the wedding dress codes delineates as correct wedding attire. After all, did you

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A collage for September

September Birthstones and Birth Flowers for Your Wedding

September is that amazing month when warm summer days simmer down later in the month to become crisp, fall nights. If you want to celebrate your loved ones born in September, we have the information you seek! Read on to find out about the gorgeous deep blue birth gems and the fabulous birth flowers of

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heart-shaped wedding cake

2024 Trends for Wedding Cakes!

Each year, cake designers create new ways to make wedding cakes new again! Read on to find out the trends for this year’s wedding cakes! Hey, John! My partner, Jordan, and I are getting married later this year. I’ve been dreading wedding cake shopping since I don’t know that much about trends. Help! Can you

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Girl holding basket of flower petals at wedding

Picking the Right Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

While inviting your gal pals and guy buddies to be in wedding party is comparatively easy, selecting whom to invite as your flower girl and ring bearer will be a bit more of a challenge. Read on to find out how you can make the whole process easier! Hey, John! You have been great at

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Mother kisses her daughter the bride on the forehead Pexels

2024’s Top Wedding Trends for the Mother of the Bride

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we have this helpful post for all the Mothers of the Brides! Whereas Barbie Pink was ubiquitous in 2023, 2024 has an entirely new, bold set of trends for Mothers of the Bride. Read on to find out what you need to know before you go shopping! Hey, Christie! I am

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