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Sweet! Chocolate at My Wedding!

Many chocolatiers are very happy to help you select the chocolates you want to serve on your dessert bar and to give to your guests as wedding favors. Learn more about this delicious way to please your cherished family and friends!

dessert bar

Hey, John!

My fiancée, Samantha, put me in charge of wedding favors and the dessert bar. We both love chocolate. Any suggestions?


–Sam in Salem

(Yes, I know: We are Sam & Sam. Hahaha…)

Hey Sam,

That’s a great question!

A friend of ours says, “Lead me not into temptation…I can find the chocolates by myself.” 😊

The great news is that most chocolatiers can produce a number of products which can answer your every need.  One of my staff personally prefers a Southern California chocolatier which has stores in Oregon including Portland, Bend, Eugene, Lake Oswego, Happy Valley, Salem, and other locations.

Let’s move on to see what we can find in chocolate.

Wedding favors: Most chocolatiers make a wide variety of chocolates and truffles. My suggestion is that you set a budget and then ask the chocolatier what you can get for that amount of money. 

chocolate candy

It’s very easy to go into the chocolatier, sample different chocolates, fall in love with 20 different kinds and then have very expensive wedding favors.

It is fun to sample chocolates. Just sayin’…

The chocolatier will wrap the pieces you selected up in a nice box with a bow which you can place at each guest’s table setting at your wedding reception.

cake pops

Dessert Bar: Many chocolatiers can customize a dessert bar for you which displays chocolates. Your guests can select from the display and take these chocolates back to their seats.

Depending on what the chocolatier offers you, you can select chocolates, truffles, brittles, and other sweets.

A variety of chocolates  allows your guests to free range graze at the chocolate bar as many times as they wish during your reception.

I hope this gets you going on selecting the chocolates you want for your wedding.

(I’m feeling a bit like Willy Wonka right now…😊)

Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne


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Willie Wonka wanna be