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Hilarious Epic Married Name Fails

Sometimes, real life is funnier than any situation comedy. Epic married name fails are a case in point! Read on to find out how getting married can have humorous side effects. (Besides, this is break from all the serious wedding planning you’re doing. Right? Right!)

When two people with very interesting last names get married, sometimes the people around them giggle. For instance, when Ms. Moore married Mr. Bacon, it was the Moore-Bacon wedding…and who doesn’t want more bacon? 😊

When Shelby fell in love with Joe, they married in the Looney-Warde wedding.

When Lauren fell in love with William, they were united at the Partee-Moore wedding.

laughing man

The Tonight Show host, Jay Leno, often ran segments on the interesting names of people getting married.

Viewers of his show sent in newspaper clips about real people getting married in their communities with interesting, hilarious, and not necessarily G-rated last names.

Here’s a video from YouTube:

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Let me share three more epic married name failures.

When my mom grew up in Laguna Beach, California, one of her best friends was Ginni Savage. One of Ginni’s greatest dreams in life was to grow up, find a wonderful man, get married, and ditch her hated maiden name. Since she didn’t have a middle name, her maiden name would become her middle name but at least she could reduce it to “S.” and mitigate “Savage.”

Ginni’s dreams came true…mostly. She grew up. She found a wonderful man, Ted. They married and she took his last name as was custom. Yes, she married Ted Savage (no relation) and became Ginni Savage Savage. As she said, she wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill Savage as one might encounter in wilds of Tustin, California,–no, she was the wild and untamable Savage Savage.

Ginni and Ted have been married for over 30 years!

In junior high school, I met George Burns, who was named for the famous comedian.

Then I met his mother—a lovely woman, I assure you.

Named “Frances” by her parents, she preferred the nickname, “Fanny.”

Yes, I am afraid so:

She was known as Fanny Burns.

laughing boy
Scottish castle

One of the most epic married name fails occurred almost 500 years ago when a woman married and gained the same last name more than once.

No, this was not in the Ozarks…😊

Princess Mary was born in 1542. Her father, James V, King of Scots, was a member of the House of Stewart so Princess Mary was indeed Mary Stewart.Six days after her birth, her father died in battle; she became queen and is known as Mary, Queen of Scots.

At the ripe old age of 6, she was betrothed to the heir to the French throne, Francis. At 16, she married him. Since the French prefer to spell words in their own inventive ways (case in point: Bordeaux), Francis was of the House of Stuart and Mary became Mary Stewart Stuart. Though spelled differently, the two names are pronounced identically.

Wait. We’re not done with Mary. Unfortunately, Francis died and Mary sailed back to Scotland as a young widow of 18. There she met a man and fell head over heels in love with Henry Stewart Stuart, Lord Darnley. Yep. Henry was the son of Matthew Stewart, 4th. Earl of Lennox (Scotland) with a very Scottish last name. Henry decided he liked the French spelling better and is known as Henry Stuart. By marrying him, Mary became Mary Stewart Stuart (Stewart) Stuart.

After Henry died, she married a man with a different last name.

Well, variety is the spice of life!

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