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LOTR-Inspired Vows

The LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy is loved by readers around the world. The characters could inspire how you write your wedding vows!

Hey, John!

I have been a fan of LORD OF THE RINGS for years! I’d like to include ideas from the books in my vows but not sure how. My favorite English teacher gave me writing prompts to help me start a writing project. Could you give me any writing prompts for writing my wedding vows?

–Justin with Writer’s Block in Tualatin

Hobbit Home set into hillside

Hey, Justin!

While your wedding officiant—be they a priest, minister, or rabbi—probably has a number of different vows which you and your beloved can use, I am incredibly happy to provide you with a few writing prompts based on that famous set of books. 

Depending on who you two are as a couple, you may want to channel your sense of adventure, your humor, your passion, your honesty, and your laughter as you craft the words which will start your wonderful life with your soul mate.

Wr4iting Prompts for the Groom Who is a Fan of The Lord of the Rings

I have discovered in you, my love, the best of Arwen. Like her, you love unconditionally, giving your heart and soul completely. Like her, you speak words of encouragement over me when I cannot see the road ahead. You believe in me when I doubt myself and coax me back to confidence. Like her, you are a healer who brings comfort through her words.  Like Arwen, you are willing to face down a foe to protect the one you love. Thank you for being my Arwen.

Let me be your Aragorn. I am the one who will defend with whatever weapons I have, be they words, or a sword and shield. I am the one who will bring you light when the Shadows gather round. I will be faithful to you all the days of my life and never for a moment waver in my fidelity to you, my love. I am the one who will love you with every beat of heart until my last breath escaps my body to hover in the air.

Let me be your Samwise, the friend who never wavers. When the burden you carry is too heavy for you, let me carry you until you are strong enough to walk on. Let me speak words of encouragement over you. If you need to go on a mission, a quest, or a “thing,” all I ask is that you let me go with you, every step of the way.

You are the love of my life, my light in the world. Honor me as my Arwen and I will be your Aragorn, the man who loves you above all other things in the world.

With this one ring, I thee wed. With this one ring, I give you my love and devotion, With this one ring, we are bound  together as long as we both shall live.

Groom & bride with a long veil standing in front of a field of sunflowers

I hope this gives you enough writing prompts to compose your vows.

Your friend in the wedding industry,

John Shyne


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