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Good Samaritan Officiates at the Wedding of the Groom He Saved

By learning CPR, John was able to save the life of a man suffering a heart attack. Years later, in a different heart-centered moment, the two men reunited. Read on to find out how!

"Robin Hood Men in Tights"

Hey, John!

I’m looking for a good news story to share with my partner because Marian seems a little down right now. Any ideas?


Robin in Sherwood

(not the Forest…)

Hey, Robin!

Yes, I do!

The wedding officiant saved the life of the groom, Mark Child, by performing CPR correctly on August 31, 2017—years before the wedding.

On that sizzling summer day, Mark Child collapsed after a massive heart attack in the parking lot of an O’Reilly Auto Parts store. 

Luckily, an employee ran to help Mark and then a customer, John Fitzpatrick, ran over to help as well. John, who was trained in CPR, couldn’t find Mark’s pulse and watched him turn from gray to grayer. John started CPR immediately and that is probably what saved Mark’s life. 

Soon, the fire department was there. Rushed to the hospital, Mark immediately went into very critical heart surgery. The surgeons weren’t optimistic.


medical doctors in surgery

“After surgery, they induced a coma for 10 days, they lowered my body temperature and told Michelle I only had a 5% chance to live,” said Child.

His then-girlfriend Michelle was greeted by a nurse and a preacher.

“We didn’t have good odds in the hospital but I never… went down that road. I said, ‘we are going to save him,’” said Michelle.

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As he began his journey of recovery, Mark wondered who the Good Samaritan was who saved his life. After some investigation, they found John Fitzpatrick.

After he was released from the hospital, Mark arranged to meet John.

“It was great. We did it at a restaurant – I remember as soon as he walked in I just grabbed him and I didn’t let go. If he hadn’t done the right thing… I wouldn’t be here today,” said Child.

In November, 2023, Mark and Michele decided to get married. Mark’s next call was to John…to ask him to officiate! John accepted.

“It was the biggest honor of all. The man responsible for me being here is the man that officiated our wedding,” said Child.

Two lives forever changed by one moment, now bonded together for life.

“He is our angel and now part of the family,” said Child.

John summed it up this way, “You realize life can change in a split second for people.”

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And the right angel was there to save the groom when he needed him most. That’s a good news story!

Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne

Quotes are from the news story by Ashlee DeMartino, “Good Samaritan officiates wedding of Phoenix man he saved. “ABC 15 News, November 30, 2023.


Images courtesy of Mel Brooks’ Robin Hood: Men in Tights,, ABC 15 Phoenix, and

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