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Super Cool Engagement Rings for Geeks and Nerds

LOTR engagement rings? Yep! Gamer engagement rings? We’ve got them! Sci-fi engagement rings? Yes! Read on to find out more about engagement rings designed for those for those immersed in those interests!

Final Fantasy VII Love's Chapel engagement ring

Hey, Christie!

I need your help!

I love Leonard and I think he might propose!

Is there any way to nudge him toward an engagement ring for people like us who are fans of Final Fantasy VII and The Lord of the Rings?


–Penny the Perplexed in Pacific City, Oregon

Hey, Penny!

I am happy to help!

First, you need to find who designs the kind of ring you seek and ever-so-innocently show him the website.

The great news is that on Etsy and other sites there are multiple vendors creating sci-fi, fantasy, and fairy rings.

man holds engagement ring behind his back

Since I don’t have room to list every vendor who makes a particular genre of rings (e.g., elven rings or game-inspired rings), please explore competing sites until you find the ring you love. Simply because I list a vendor is NOT a recommendation of that vendor. This is the start of your exploration!

Final Fantasy VII Love's Chapel engagement ring

Final Fantasy VII: Inspired by this game, the Love’s Chapel ring from MetalWendler on Etsy incorporates the detailed story of Aerith Gainsborough: on the sides are church windows while at the top are the filigree patterns influenced by the scepter and final weapon from the game for Aeris.

Crafted from white gold, the ring has a Champagne Sapphire and Emerald lab stones.

This is a sustainable ring since no new stones were mined to create it.

The Lord of Rings Elvish engagement rings: Metal Wendler has several designs on their Etsy site in the engagement ring section.

You can visit their website to search for even more elvish or elven engagement rings.

You can opt for the beautiful, delicate, lyrical scroll setting or a more intricate setting.

The vendor uses sustainably sourced gold, white gold, Rose Gold, silver, and gemstones.

LOTR Elven engagement ring MetalWendler

Fantasy engagement rings: When you Google this, dozens of images appear. Depending on which fantasy you fancy, you have many options!

Fairy engagement ring

Fairy-inspired Rings with curving, organic elements including leaves:

On Etsy, seller Doron Merav offers engagement rings with beautiful gemstones nestled into 14k gold leaves and twigs. 

They offer a variety of gemstones and settings inspired by the fairies in the forest glade.

In this one, two small diamonds add sparkle to this fairy-inspired ring.

Now, how do you nudge your partner toward the ring you want?

After you find the ring, print it out and post on your wedding vision board in a prominent spot…you may have to move things around to create space.

If your partner needs you to be more direct, create an engagement ring vision board with images of the rings you’ve found that make you happy.

vision board

Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne



Images courtesy,  MetalWendler and Doron Merav on

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