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Wedding Flowers in Season All Year!

At Ainsworth House & Gardens, our goal is to be your guide on every topic related to your wedding—whether that’s flowers, colors, vows, music, catering, and so much more. The great news is that certain flowers are in season all year round here in the Pacific Northwest. By selecting flowers which are locally grown and in season, you save money. (When you select a flower which doesn’t grow locally at the time of your wedding, you may have to import those flowers from Latin America or Asia which makes them much more expensive.)

Whether you pick a wedding day in cozy December or bright July, these flowers will be in season!

    Baby’s Breath: Colors: white, pink, red, purple

Means: everlasting love

Now you know why it is included in so many wedding bouquets! Usually arranged with other flowers, there is a trend to carry a bouquet of Baby’s Breath and greenery. 

Purple Flower and Babies Breath for weddings


Colors: white, yellow, peach/coral, pale pink, hot pink, red, burgundy

Varieties: single color, two colors, and freckled

Means: strong and pure love, unfading beauty, fascination, admiration

In Elizabethan times, carnations were used as a spice to replace cloves, which were more expensive. 

Red Flowers for weddings

 In the 1900s, the pink carnation was selected as the flower to represent mothers in America on Mother’s Day.

As the flower for those born in the month of January, the carnation is one of the most popular flowers and is used extensively by florists. With its long stems, carnations are a vibrant option for wedding ceremony arches, centerpieces, and in bouquets. 


Colors: white, yellow, gold, green, orange, bronze, russet, pink, red, deep red, maroon, burgundy, violet or purple

Means: Joy, cheerfulness, optimism, long life. In Victorian England, the flower represented friendship and good luck. 


White: loyalty, purity, innocence, and honesty

Pink: affection and friendship. (In Japan, pink mums symbolize the Imperial family.)

 Flowers for weddings

Red: passion, love

Orange: good feelings such as happiness and excitement

Yellow: celebration, joy, and happiness

Green: good health, longevity, and rebirth

Purple or violet: care and thoughtfulness. 

While the flower originated in China and was mentioned by Confucius, the name of the flower is Greek: “chyros” which means “gold” and “anthemon” which means “flower.”

In Australia, the flower is often given to mothers on Mother’s Day or Mum’s Day. In Japan, because the petals open in perfect order, the flower symbolized perfection. In fact, the Festival of Happiness coincides with National Chrysanthemum Day in Japan! Available in a variety of sizes from small to large and single layer petals to multiple layers, the mum gives you so many options.


Colors: white, pink, purple, blue

Meaning: cheerfulness, goodwill, remembering those who passed

Purple  Flowers for weddings

As the birth flower for July, delphiniums (or larkspurs) are able to look gorgeous in the summer’s high sun. The name of the flower comes from a Greek word meaning “dolphin.”

Wedding Flower Arrangement

    Gerbera Daisy        Colors: white, yellow, salmon, orange, light pink, bright pink, red, lavender

Means: friendship, grace

Also called “Transvaal Daisies,” “African Daisies,” and “Barberton Daisies,” these perky flowers come in variety of colors, shapes, and petals.

Bouquet of Roses for wedding


Colors: white, cream, yellow, light pink, hot pink, light coral, orange, red, burgundy, purple

Meaning: love, beauty, joy, grace, unity

Meanings of certain rose colors:

  • White: chastity, innocence, purity
  • Ivory: elegance, charm, luxury
  • Yellow: remembrance, care, friendship
  • Peach: genuineness and modesty
  • Orange: fierce love, passion, desire
  • Pink: joy, sweetness, admiration
  • Red: passion, deep love, ardent longing
  • Lavender: splendor, majesty, fascination
  • Green: health, harmony, peace
  • Blue: mystery, unattainable love, desire
  • Mixed color bouquets
    • Red and ivory roses: tasteful and intense love
    • Green and pink roses: harmony and gentleness.

The most beloved and popular wedding flower of all time, the rose is usually very affordable (except around Valentine’s or Mother’s Day, when prices increase).


Colors: white, pink, magenta, burgundy, purple, blue

Meaning: fidelity and love

Purple Wedding Flowers

Popular in summer wedding bouquets, the Veronica is a joyful addition to any arrangement.

Fun fact: the Veronica is the largest genus of plant—there are over 500 species!  

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