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Timeless Elegance: The Long Sleeve Wedding Dress!

Long sleeves on wedding dresses are “in” again! This year, the timeless elegance of long sleeves is back and we are so happy! Read on to learn more about this wedding trend!

Hey, Christie!

I’m getting married in October at Ainsworth House & Gardens! Would a wedding dress with long sleeves be appropriate?

–Tiffany the Temperature Challenged in Tigard, Oregon

Newly Weds in the Fireside Room at Ainsworth House & Gardens

Hey, Tiffany!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Long sleeves are perfect on a wedding dress when the weather might be difficult to predict. Catherine Middleton, now the Princess of Wales, selected long sleeves for her April 2011 wedding for a number of reasons–including the weather! 

Yes–long sleeves are appropriate for Oregon in fall! Since the average daily temperature in Oregon City in October is 65° F, then long sleeves could be perfect! 

Grace Kelly, royal bride in 1956

As you may know, for several centuries, long sleeve wedding dresses were on trend for every bride from every social class. 

For royal brides, long sleeves were a symbol of her virtue and her modesty. 

This photo shows Grace Kelly, an American, on her wedding day to the prince of Monaco. After her royal wedding, she was addressed as “Her Serene Highness, Princess Grace of Monaco. 

Most often, a long sleeve wedding dress features a fitted bodice, sleeves that come down to your wrists, Recently, the trend has re-emerged in modern designs. While traditionally made from lace or silk, long sleeve wedding dresses are designed in every fabric available to create a variety of silhouettes.

Depending on the neckline you select, the dress can be very daring with a plunging neckline or very modest with a demur neckline up to your throat.

Channel Your Inner Grace Kelly: When American movie star, Grace Kelly, married Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956, she wore an elegant high neck, long sleeve wedding dress with an exceedingly long cathedral veil. With over 100 yards of silk net bedecked with 125-year-old Brussels lace, thousands on hand-sewn pearls, and taffeta, the dress was fit for the princess!

Channel Your Inner Kate Middleton: When she married Prince William in 2011, she wore a long sleeve wedding dress of timeless elegance.

With a V-neck in a fitted Victorian bodice, the dress featured embroidered lace called “Kate’s Lace,” in which the flowers represent England (rose), Wales (daffodil), Scotland (thistle), and Ireland (shamrocks), the four regions of the United Kingdom of Great Britain over which she will one day reign as queen consort.  

Many brides ask me how they should accessorize. Selecting delicate, elegant jewelry is a beautiful place to start! Remember to select a veil which either contrasts or complements the fabric of your sleeves and thus will complete your bridal vision.


If you have questions, reach out to me.

Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne


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