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Can My Cat Be My Best Man?

A well socialized cat can be a perfect Best Man, Ring Bearer, Maid of Honor, Flower Cat Girl, or Cat of Honor! Read on to find out more creative ways to include your furry best friend in your wedding!

Hey, John!

I adopted my cat, Charlie, six years ago.

I walk him on a leash. We take hikes together. I take him to the beach during the summer. Charlie loves being outside. 

He loves people and is the coolest cat ever! Could he be my best man or ring bearer?

–Kirk of Cat Men Do in Canby

Hey, Kirk!

As a proud cat dad, congratulations on adopting such a chill cat! I have are 5 questions for you:

#1: Does the person you are marrying approve of the cat being involved in your wedding? As an incredibly happy husband for many years, I can share that it’s better to check than to assume…

#2: Are any of the guests allergic to your cat? Be respectful of your guests and ask first. If that’s the case, include your cat in other ways—in a photo at each table, on your Save the Dat cards, or serve cat cookies at your reception.

#3: Will the wedding venue allow you to bring your cat to the ceremony?

#4: Did you ask each guest if they would be comfortable with your cat being at the wedding? Some people think a wedding is a serious and solemn occasion unsuitable for a kitty cat.

cat at a weddubg

#5: Does your cat have the temperament or personality to be calm, attentive, and obedient? Certain cats are fine with a small group of people but become very nervous in a crowd. Don’t put your cat into a situation in which your pet is not comfortable. It could make it a very long day for everyone.

cat with bride and groom

What roles have cats played at weddings?

  1. Best man or maid of honor (I think that was “Meow of Honor” actually…)
  2. Ring bearer
  3. Flower girl/cat.
  4. Walk with you down the aisle.

You can give your cat a title (“Best Cat”) and save “Best Man” for your closest friend.

To help your cat remain calm on your wedding day, here are a few helpful hints!

What Can We Do before the Wedding?

Your cat is used to you wearing certain clothes and smelling the scents of your hair products or cologne. Before your wedding, you might want to wear your tuxedo or suit around your cat, style your hair with the specific products you will use on your big day, and use any after shave or cologne if it is different from what your cat knows. Your cat needs to realize it’s still you and not be distressed.

Ditto for the bride. If your cat will be near the bride during the ceremony, you may want to have your beloved wear her dress, show her make-up and hair so that cat knows it’s still your beloved and not some weird stranger.

You may want to have wedding photos taken with your cat prior to the event to lessen the cat’s stress level.

Cat sniffs flowers.

How Can You Train Your Cat to Go up the Aisle?

If you noticed that I wrote “go” instead of “walk,” there’s a reason. Since most cats have not been to any weddings, you should start training early.

  1. IF your very relaxed cat can be trained to come to you and walk up the aisle on its own, this is fabulous! If your cat will do this, great!
    1. Train the cat to start walking when the cat hears their processional music OR on your cue.
    2. If your cat is your ring bearer, let the cat practice with either fake rings (FAKE rings attached to the cat’s collar or having the FAKE rings in a comfortable pouch worn by your cat). Have your best man or maid of honor hold the real rings.
  2. Cats trained to walk on a leash can be walked up the aisle to you by a wedding party member.
  3. The most reliable way is to push the cat up the aisle in a cat stroller. Yes, use the safety harness to keep the cat in the stroller. Yes, start months before your wedding to train your cat to chill out in the cat stroller when out in public. You can decorate the stroller with flowers or whatever you want…and the cat will tolerate. A member of the wedding party is the most likely person to push the stroller down the aisle.
Cat in stroller at a wedding

What Should You Ask Your Vendors?

  1. Does the wedding venue allow cats? Bringing your cat in a carrier to watch your wedding is one thing; having the cat participate as a member of the wedding party is very different. 
  2. When you select a caterer, can they prepare food for the cat? Many cats like salmon—as an example.
  3. Hiring a DJ? Great! Delete “Who Let the Dogs Out” from his/her playlist. Just a suggestion…

Should Your Cat Wear a Costume?

Esteemed cat behaviorist and cat whisperer, Jackson Galaxy, is totally opposed to cats wearing costumes because most of them don’t like it. You know your cat better than anyone. If you reaaaallly want your cat in a bow tie and the cat will cooperate, that’s between you two. I’m staying out of it.

After the Ceremony, Then What?

Many cat behaviorists suggest that you have a friend drive your kitty home after he/she completes their assigned duties during the ceremony. Your kitty may need some love, some cat treats, and a well-deserved nap in the sunshine after such a busy wedding. 

Let me know if you have more questions.


Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne

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Cat with red and pink flowers