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Can My Dog Be in My Wedding?

There are so many creative ways that your dog can be a member of your wedding party. Before buying Bella a doggie wedding dress or Max a doggie tux, read this article to find out what you need to know before including your four pawed friend in your wedding.

Hey, Christie!

Michael and I are getting married in late summer. Yeah, us!

Could my dog, Bailey, be a member of the wedding party? If so, what job?


–Kaylee in King’s City, Oregon


black dog in white bow tie

Hey, Kaylee!

That’s a great question! I suggest you ask four questions before I answer yours.

Question 1: Will your two legged partner allow your dog to be a member of the wedding party? Dogs can be unpredictable. Someone who cherishes the planned and expected might not be open to a dog who could bark or chase after a lizard at the wrong moment.

If your beloved is not comfortable with your dog being an active member of the wedding, you might ask if your dog could be in the “Save the Date” photo.

(I am working on a list of ways you can show your love for your dog during your wedding without the pooch being present.)

Question 2: Will the wedding venue allow you to bring your dog to the ceremony?

Question 3: Did you ask each guest if they would be comfortable with your dog being at the wedding? Some people think a wedding is a serious and solemn occasion unsuitable for a rambunctious puppy dog. Some people are afraid of dogs or terrified of a certain breed. Be gentle with your guests.

Question 4: Does your dog have the personality and termperment to be calm, attentive, and obedient? Certain dogs are fine with a small group of people but become very nervous in a crowd. Don’t put your dog into a situation in which the dog is not comfortable. It could make it a very long day for everyone.

2 dogs, bride, and groom

If you get the go ahead on all of these, then consider the five most popular ways to get your dog to walk down the aisle:

Option 1: Train your dog to walk up the aisle on his/her own when they hear a specific piece of music or you give a signal (visual or auditory).

Option 2: You hold the leash and the dog walks you down the aisle.

(For brides whose fathers have passed on, this is becoming an option.)

Option 3: An adult bridal party member holds the leash and walks your dog down the aisle.

Option 4: The child ring bearer or flower girl walks your dog down the aisle on a leash.

Option 5: A member of the wedding party–adult or child–pushes a decorated stroller or doggie wagon with the dog happily riding therein down the aisle.

So, what can your dog do at your wedding?

Walk you down the aisle.

Maid of Honor

If you wish to honor your favorite sister or best friend, make her your “Maid of Honor” and title your dog, “Dog of Honor.” Then, there are no hurt feelings.

Flower Girl Dog

Ring Bearer 

Gentle Suggestion: Attach fake rings to the dog’s collar and let your two legged Maid of Honor hold onto the real rings. Just in case your dog decides now is a really good time to go chase a butterfly.

(If your partner wants to include his dog as “Best Man,” “Best Dog,” or “Man’s Best Friend,” those are options too.)

If you have questions, let me know!

Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne


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