8 Reasons You Might Wear Flats at Your Wedding

There is no rule that states you HAVE to wear high heels on your wedding day. After all, if your dress is full length, your shoes–be they Prada heels, beach flip flops, or cute flats–will not be seen. So why not be comfortable in flats? Read on to find out why this might be the smart choice for you!

Hey, Christie!

Help! My friends are making fun of me because I want to wear flats instead of heels at my wedding. I want to be comfortable and safe—my ankles are weak and I worry that I might twist my ankle during our wedding. Can you give me reasons I should wear flats at my wedding?

–Caitlyn with Queries in Canby

Hey, Caitlyn!

I completely understand. If you are wearing a long dress, then your shoes are nearly invisible. It almost doesn’t matter what kind of shoes you wear!

Did you know that a 2023 royal bride, Crown Princess Rajwa, wore white flats during her wedding on June 1 to Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan? 

Crafted from fine leather, her shoes had la backless design with a slingback strap for security. Her shoes had a sleek silhouette that featured a pointed-toe.

Royalty and elected officials from around the world attened the wedding and banquet. If a royal bride can wear flats, so can you!


Crown Prince Hussein and his bride Princess Rajwa

You mentioned two reasons: being comfortable and being safe. Here are my favorite 8 reasons for a bride to wear flats on her wedding day.

Reason 1: You are hemming and hawing about the hem. You said yes to your dress but did you find your shoes yet? Oops. You may want to focus on flats because the height difference between one pair of flats and the next is minimal. It almost doesn’t matter if you don’t have shoes for your fittings!

Reason 2: Be different. Whether you opt for sparkly sandals, nude pumps, or tennis shoes, they are fantastically different from just another pair of high heels.

Reason 3: Be comfortable. Flats keep your foot in a more natural position—unlike heels. Consider flats with great support for your arches and heels

Reason 4: Be happier. In flats, there are often fewer problems with knee and lower back pain.

(Helpful hint: Photographers delight in catching a photo of the bride with her high heels off, barefoot, and massaging her painful feet. For some reason, that’s A Thing now…)

red plaid flat shoes with a striped bow

Reason 5: Be safe. There’s a lower risk of tripping or your ankle rolling. Flats are easier to wear during inclement weather such as rain.

Reason 6: In flats, you’ll have the greatest height difference between you and your partner.

Reason 7: Wear flats because you like to dance.

Reason 8: Be sustainable by wearing your wedding flats later for work, errands, or a night on the town.

crown Prince Hussein and his bride

Since Crown Princess Rajwa wore flats when she married the future king of the nation of Jordan, she’s given all of us permission to wear flats at even the most important occasions!

If you have more questions, please reach out to me!

Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne

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Bride and groom in tennis shoes