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The Joys of a Minimony

A “minimony” is a wedding for 10 people or fewer. Coined by the website, The Knot, the term describes small, intimate weddings. Read on to find out how you can have a fabulous minimony at Ainsworth House & Gardens, a premier, sustainable wedding venue in Oregon!

A couple marries in The Grove at Ainsworth House & Gardens in Oregon City

Hey, Christie!

Help! Justin and I are getting married next spring. (That’s not the part I need help with.) Grandad  survived cancer but his immune system is compromised. How could we have a small wedding which protects him? Do you have any suggestions?


–Sally, Stressed in Salem

Hey, Sally!

I have the perfect solution for you! Have your minimony at Ainsworth House & Gardens, Oregon’s premier sustainable wedding venue!

As you might know, a minimony is a wedding ceremony for no more than 10 people, including the bride and groom. The Grove at Ainsworth is the perfect spot for your cherished family memberes to celebrate with you! You can decorate the wrought iron gazebo with lights or flowers. Around you, the tall, slender black locust trees soar into the sky. In this elegant grove, drenched in dappled light, you can have the ceremony of your dreams!

You can say your vows in front of your small group or walk away to an alcove to speak your vows with your beloved and your officiant. 

The joy of a minimony is that your ceremony is truly micro-focused on you, your beloved, and your immediate loved ones. 

In these intimate and meaningful moments, your two families can bond with each other to form a new alliance which supports you two as newlyweds.

After the wedding, you can invite these people to share time with you at a beautiful lunch in our fabulous Event Center!

Oregon City Event Center at Ainsworth House & Gardens
Oregon City Wedding reception at Ainsworth House & Gardens

Then in the evening, have a reception in our Event Center where you invite everyone—work colleagues, third cousins twice removed, etc. At the reception, you can dance, cut the cake, mix and mingle with the people you love!

If you have further questions, reach out to me!

Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne

Images courtesy of Ainsworth House & Gardens.

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