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2024 Trends for Grooms!

Getting married in 2024! Congratulations! Get a jump on your planning and shopping with these trending style tips for grooms in 2024! Read on and find out more!

groom in blue suit and burgundy tie

Hey, John!

Eve and I are planning our Spring 2024 wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens. Could you give me a hint as to what the style trends will be?


–Adam in Astoria, Oregon

Hey, Adam!

We are so excited for you!

OK, the top style 2024 rends…

  1. More fabrics that are sustainable: Making choices for sustainability is no longer a fad—for many of us, it’s part of our lives. For that reason, we are seeing more eco-friendly fabrics which are naturally produced such as cotton, linen, silk, hemp, charmeuse, and recycled polyester fabrics.

2. Trending colors for grooms in 2024: While we realize that your stodgy frat bro, Edward Humphrey Torrington IV, is probably going to select a black tux for his wedding, the good news is that you don’t have to. Fashion forward colors for grooms in 2024 include greens/evergreens, bold blues, and maroons.

3. Coordinating colors is cool again. You selected your suit. Bravo! Now, let’s get playful with colors and have some fun! Select a colorful tie and a pocket square which coordinate with your suit while bringing in the other wedding colors of the flowers, the bridesmaids, or whatever suits your fancy. Possible combos:

Blue suit with an orange, pink, or maroon tie and pocket square.

Maroon suit with red or purple or black tie and pocket square.

Evergreen suit with a dusty orange or brown tie and pocket square.

grrom in suit
groom in 3 pc. light blue suit at wedding

4. Three piece suits are still the gold standard. Elegant and timeless, you can’t go wrong with a three piece suit. If you get a little warm at the reception, take off your coat and you will still look great with your vest on.

5. The slim-fit suit is still on trend. If you want to look like a million dollars on your wedding day, consider a tailored suit that celebrates your shape masterfully. Better than that oversized, frumpy suit on Cousin Fred…

6. No more matchy matchy for the gents. The ladies started it first when all the bridesmaids no longer had to match each other. For us guys, this trend toward not having all the men match takes a slightly different manifestation: It’s now OK to let each of your groomsmen wear a suit they already own and then buy a tie and pocket square which matches the other people in the groom’s posse.

7. Step out in style. Gone the way of the dodo (meaning it’s extinct) is the trend from a few years ago of wild, crazy socks.

For a more formal style, combine leather lace up shoes with monochromatic, neutral socks.

If you prefer a more casual, relaxed style, consider loafers with (or without) socks.

packages of men's socks

Your wedding is your day to shine! Take these tips and have fun with your planning and shopping.

Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne


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