Finding Your Perfect Wedding Scentscape

In the Middle Ages, they lit candles during a wedding so guests could smell the candles and not the horses in the street passing by. In modern times, engaged couples selected a scent which floated in the air through out the ceremony space to make the wedding more memorable. Find out how you can find exactly the right scentscape for your beautiful wedding.

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Hey, Christie!

Rhett and I are getting married at Ainsworth House & Gardens this winter. A friend mentioned we might want to find a wedding fragrance for our ceremony and reception space. Is that A Thing?


Scarlett in Scappoose, Oregon

Hey, Scarlett!

We are so happy that your wedding will be here! As to the wedding fragrance–yes, it is A Thing!

Why did it become a trend? The idea sauntered over from science and business. From science researchers at Harvard, we learned that a scent can reinforce a memory. 


From business, we learned that a scent can help brand something about that product into the deep recesses of our brains. Knowing that, movie theaters in the 1950’s would circulate the smell of fresh popcorn in the theater and this increased popcorn sales. There’s an urban legend that Kentucky Fried Chicken put fans in the ceiling to draw the scent of the freshly fried fowl from the kitchen and send the scent out into the community. This drove up sales as people were driven crazy by the smell and wanted to eat more chicken.

How is fragrance used by businesses today?

Research conducted by the authors of 2018 Harvard Business Review article discovered that

In an age where it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out in a crowded market, you must differentiate your brand emotionally and memorably…Think about your brand in a new way by considering how scent can play a role in making a more powerful impression on your customers.

There are entire businesses now offering scent consultations. Dawn Goldworm is the CEO of an “olfactive branding company” which leverages “the visceral language of scent to transform brand-building.”

Are there couples who have selected fragrances to scent the ceremony space? ‘


In April 2011 during the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, candles infused with Catherine’s signature scent—Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom—were burned in the ceremony space of Westminster Abbey. 


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While it’s likely, Scarlett, that you will wear your signature perfume, and Rhett will wear his signature cologne, you can work together to select a scent for your ceremony and reception space in order to make your wedding more memorable for your guests.

You may want to consider “layering,” a process of combining a few different scents to create a unique fragrance.

For instance, a bright citrus fragrance to represent the bride might be combined with a woodsy, musky scent to represent the groom.

This is becoming very trendy at weddings.

Consider Your Location

When you serve food, downplay the wedding scent. You don’t want your signature fragrance to overwhelm the delicious smells of the food. When food is served, you may wish to opt for flowers, fresh herbs, and/or non-scented candles to have an elegant by very neutral scent pattern.

How To Scentscape Your Wedding

  1. Spray your fragrance on your wedding invitations and other stationery. Spray it on from a distance to be considerate of your guests with allergies. Aim for subtle and noticeable.
  2. Smart Scent Air Diffusers or Fragrance Lamps: These are capable of diffusing scent over assorted sizes of spaces. Scentscape different rooms with less concentrated fragrances if the room is small.
  3. Candles infused with your fragrance could be placed near the entrance so that your guests experience your scent.
  4. Candles burned during your ceremony and reception can carry the scent.
  5. Add your scent to your centerpieces.
  6. Scent your wedding favors. Candles or handmade soap infused with your wedding fragrance are lovely wedding favors.
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If you have questions, please reach out to me.


Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne


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