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How Do I Find out the Dress Code for a Wedding?

Sometimes, the wedding dress code is NOT listed in the wedding invitation or it is not clear what the dress code is. How do you find out what the dress code is for an upcoming wedding? Here are our very helpful hints!

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Hey, John!

My friend, Dallas, is getting married at Ainsworth House & Gardens in October.

I’m a guest. How do I find out the dress code?


–Brandon, Bewildered in Bandon, Oregon

Hey, Brandon!

You’ve got this! (And I can help!)

First, let’s each become “Sherlock Holmes” on this one by finding places to look for the info.

Here are some places to check for this information:

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How do you find out IF there is a dress code?

  1. Check the wedding invitation. It may state if this is a white tie or garden party dress code. (It is also possible that there might be no information at all.)

  2. Check to see if the couple has a wedding website. The dress code is probably listed if they do.

  3. If the couple has a wedding website, find the name of the wedding planner and ask that person.

  4. Call the venue. Ask which dress code this specific wedding will be.

  5. Ask the bride or groom.

  6. Ask the parents of the bride or groom. The mothers of either person often know a lot about the wedding.

7. Ask the maid or matron of honor.

8. What season is the wedding? Indoor weddings in the winter are often more formal that summer day weddings.

9. What is the time of day is the wedding? Often, more formal weddings are held in the evening while more casual dress codes are utilized during the day. Always check!



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10. Which venue at Ainsworth House will the wedding occur? We have an indoor Event Center as well as outdoor venues which accommodate weddings from a mini-wedding of 10 people up to 125 guests under the sweeping arms of our historic Ponderosa Pine tree which is centuries old.

In the next post, I’ll define what makes a particular wedding dress code unique so that you can plan your look.

Reach out if you have additional questions.

Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne

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Please note: Two of the upcoming blog posts will delve into what a woman should wear to comply with each dress code and what a man should wear for each dress code. Stay tuned!

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