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7 Perfect Locations for Your Wedding Portraits at Ainsworth House & Gardens

There are so many amazing locations at Ainsworth House & Gardens to take your wedding portraits! Here are 7 of our favorites. Come and discover your most beautiful location for your portraits!

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Hey, John!

Thank you for answering my question about the trends in wedding portraits.

We loved exploring the Ainsworth Gardens and can imagine the place in bloom!

Now that Wendy and I have toured Ainsworth House & Gardens, where do you suggest we have our wedding portraits taken?


–Peter in Portland

Hey, Peter!

It’s great to hear from you again!

While I am going to share my seven favorites, there are many other locations here which would make amazing backgrounds for your wedding portraits. Please make an appointment to explore!

Here are my favorite locations:

  1. In front of the glass sculpture: Situated on the lawn behind our exquisite Ponderosa Pine, the glass sculpture is an amazing background for your wedding portraits. The interesting, abstract shapes of the blown glass give an almost ethereal vibe to your photos and a look you won’t find at any other venue. Depending on the lighting, this glass sculpture can give an undersea vibe (like kelp rising up to the surface) or a fantasy vibe. Look at the photo above to see what I mean. (Photo cridit: Fritz Photography.) 
blown glass sculpture at Ainsworth House & Gardens
Oregon City Wedding under a 200 year old Ponderosa Pine at Ainsworth House

2. The Ponderosa Pine: Towering over the Pine Tree Lawn, this 200-year old evergreen proudly presides over the largest wedding venue at Ainsworth House & Gardens. Take your photos under its spreading, graceful limbs. May the strength and longevity of this historic tree be infused into your marriage!

The Pine Tree Lawn is our largest wedding venue: We can welcome up to 125 of your guests here. After your ceremony, you can then take portraits here.

3. Near the front porch of the mansion, Ainsworth House:

Ainsworth House is actually a carefully preserved mansion on the list of historic buildings. One of Oregon’s founding families constructed the home for their use and to host gatherings of the powerful members of Oregon at the time.

Built in 1851, this historic home hosted parties for the political elite of Oregon during the state’s early days. Now, this mansion can play host to you and your beloved.

For your special portrait, you can select daytime, sunset, or night to give the right ambiance to your portraits. 

A newly married couple in Oregon City kisses at night in front of the Ainsworth House
Oregon City Wedding on the Front Lawn at Ainsworth House & Gardens!

4. On the lawn in front of the mansion:

The lawn in front of the mansion and near the Ponderosa Pine spreads out like a lush, green carpet which gives you many different options for your wedding portraits.

At night, you can get creative with lights or sparklers to create an intimate portrait of you two that will grace the walls of your home for years to come. 

5. The Arbor:

Over the path leading up to the ceremony venue under the historic Ponderosa Pine is The Arbor which arches over the path.

Along the outside of The Arbor, there are carefully tended, blooming plants much of the year.

The bride and the person who escorts her (if there is a person) will often walk under The Arbor on her way to her wedding.

With all the gorgeous greenery and blossoms, it makes a dramatic entrance! 

Covering The Arbor are many plants which add lush greenery as the background to your portraits. During many times of the year, The Arbor is in full bloom with light lavender flowers. This makes the perfect setting for your intimate wedding portraits.


Harry Potter bride in the Ainsworth arch in Oregon City
A couple marries in The Grove at Ainsworth House & Gardens in Oregon City

6. The Grove:

With its intimate setting, this is the perfect venue for smaller weddings.

When you select Ainsworth as your venue, yours is the only wedding we host during your time. 

After your ceremony, you are welcome to take your portraits among the slender, graceful Black Locust trees which surround you here. 


7. The Gazebo:

Within The Grove is our wrought iron gazebo which is often utilized as the ceremony space for smaller, micro-weddings. 

Whether you get married here or at another of our venues, you can decorate the gazebo with flowers or white twinkling lights.

This is a fantastic location for your wedding portraits!

Oregon City Event Gazebo in The Grove at Nighttime

When you book your wedding at Ainsworth House & Gardens, you and your partner are the only two getting married at that time so you have the flexibility to take your wedding portraits at any location throughout the gardens and grounds.

Why not make an appointment, come by, and check out our wedding venue for your wedding! Reach out to us at (503) 656-1894 or

Let’s start planning your wedding here!

Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne


Images courtesy of Fritz Photography and of Ainsworth House & Gardens.

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Oregon City Wedding reception at Ainsworth House & Gardens