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The Wedding Dress Twirl & 4 Fabulous Wedding Portrait Ideas for You!

Each year, wedding photography trends find new ways of showcasing the bride and groom. Check out these 5 trends–any of which could create a beautiful portrait to grace your home for years to come!

Newlyweds and friends after their wedding in Oregon City

Hey, John!

Wendy and I are getting married in 2024! My parents have gorgeous wedding portraits of all their kids and I’m the last to get married. Do you have any fresh ideas for formal or lightly humorous wedding portraits so that we can give them a beautiful photo of us?

Thanks!–Peter in Portland, Oregon

Hey, Peter!

I sure can! With all the gorgeous weddings at Ainsworth House & Gardens this year, I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to review what our featured photography vendors have created for the couples who married here.

What you seek is a wedding portrait which your parents (and you!) can hang on your walls years after your wedding.

Oregon City Wedding on the Front Lawn at Ainsworth House & Gardens!
bride twirls in her wedding dress

#1: The Wedding Dress Twirl

When a young girl is given a new dress—especially a “party” dress or one with a petticoat—it’s likely that she will twirl to show off her lovely new clothes. She’s hoping to garner compliments from adults about how pretty she is.

Why not let the bride twirl in the most beautiful dress she’s ever worn? The photo above shows a bride happily twirling while her groom gazes at her.

#2: Hold Your Beloved’s Arm

If you are looking for a heartwarming and sweet look for your wedding portrait, consider this: One of you puts their hand around the arm of their partner while looking at that person adoringly or looking in another direction.

The beloved whose arm is held may face the camera to keep focus on that person.

This pose allows you to highlight your beloved!

This portrait is a lovely gift to the parents of the person who is the focus of the photo.

newlywed bride holds the grooms arm
bride and groom gaze at each other

#3: Hold Hands, Face Each Other, and Gaze

In this pose, you create your own world in which there is only the two of you so deeply in love. It doesn’t matter if the world around you is listening to the clamor of hustle and bustle, there is only you two in this moment. At Ainsworth House & Gardens, you could take this photo in front of our Ponderosa Pine, which is about 200 years old or in front of our arched arbor when it bursts into bloom.

#4: The Hug from Behind Pose

A hug envelopes the other person with your love. Set up the photo with the taller of you two approaching from behind and hugging the shorter partner. The person standing behind wraps their arms around the waist of shorter partner’s waist; the shorter partner might place their hands on top of the taller person’s hands. Whether the taller person makes a joke or kisses the shorter partner, the results are photos that glow with natural smiles and laughter.

#5: The Changing Perspective Pose

The photographer might start from far away and ask you to hold hands. After the photographer moves a little closer to you, the photographer may ask you to look at each other.  In a few minutes, the photographer can capture several perfect shots of you two in an effortless way that shows your natural chemistry in these unforced, easy poses.


Groom hugs bride from behind.

If you have naturally beautiful backgrounds like we do here at Ainsworth House & Gardens, then your photos are extra awesome! After all, Here Comes the Guide named Ainsworth the “Best Wedding Venue with a View!”

Why not make an appointment, come by, and check out our wedding venue for your wedding! Reach out to us at (503) 656-1894 or

Let’s dive into the fun of planning your wedding here!

Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne


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