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White Day for a Nice Wedding

With all the snow in Oregon, we just have to say, “Sorry, Billy, we couldn’t be idle and not use that title!” Winter weddings at Ainsworth House & Gardens are enchanting!

Ainsworth House & Gardens Oregon City Winter Wedding Event Venue

Hey John!

Hannah wants a summer wedding like all her sorority sisters.


We go to a wedding (sometimes 2) every weekend from the end of May to late August. it’s exhausting and all the weddings seem to run together. 

I’d rather have a winter wedding when there’s less going on.

I’d like our wedding to be the highlight that everyone looks forward to that month instead of being just another event. I want our day to be special! 

How can I convince her?

–Colin in Clackamas

Hey Colin!

I understand.

Here is why I love winter weddings at Ainsworth House & Gardens. In winter, the world slows down. Sometimes, snow covers our gardens in a soft blanket of white which makes it a nice day for your wedding. 

One other advantage is in your planning: In other seasons, you have the option of getting married outside under our huge, Ponderosa Pine that is more than 200 years old!

This is great on most days but every once in a while, Mother Nature changes the weather on us and we move your wedding indoors to the Event Center.

Yes, we can move your wedding indoors in less than 3 hours and save the day!

Inside, we can set up comfortable chapel seating for your guests.

Instead, think about planning your wedding as an indoor winter event at Ainsworth House & Gardens! 

Indoor winter weddings focus on you and your beloved, the colors you picked and the music you love!


red and white winter bridal bouquet
Winter Wedding Venue in Oregon City

With all our windows, you can look out on the winter wonderland that is our garden while staying warm and cozy inside our Event Center. 

This is a photo of our Event Center at night after a peaceful snow fall. 

Outside, the world is hushed under snow. Inside, you, your beloved, your families, and your friends can dine and dance under the lights!

To reserve the day for you and yours, we schedule only your wedding on the day you select.

This way, you can party all night long!


A professional musician whom you select can perform on our gorgeous grand piano to provide the perfect music before, during, and after your ceremony.


Woman playing piano

If you two wish to add additional instruments and/or a singer, you can do that too.

After your ceremony, you two, your families and guests can move into the other room to enjoy passed appetizers or a buffet. Musical entertainment could include instrumentals, solos, and/or group singalongs.

While you are having fun, we’ll reset the chapel as your dining area with the linens you’ve selected. The caterers bring in the delicious foods you’ve selected and everyone sits down to enjoy!

Round wedding table setting

You can select the colors you want for the linens and personalize your reception!

Yes, winter weddings are special at Ainsworth House & Gardens. When can we start planning yours as the premier event on everyone’s winter calendars?

Your friend in the wedding business,


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Ainsworth House & Gardens in the winter snow