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2024 Wedding Dress Trends We LOVE!

Wedding fashion shows from New York to Barcelona are showing us what to expect for 2024. Read on to find out the upcoming style trends!

Sareh Houri in Wedding Dress 2024

Hey, Christie!

I am working on plans for my 2024 spring wedding…which might move to summer to get the flowers I love in season. What are the wedding dress trends for 2024?


–Stephanie in Sherwood, Oregon

Hey, Stephanie!

That’s a great question!

From the bridal fashion shows I’ve been watching online, the dresses for 2024 are dramatic, daring, and a little playful.

Previously, social media influencers (and dress designers) tried to convince brides that they needed to spend extra money for a wedding dress and then a reception ensemble.

The hack this year is that certain designers are showing their looks with accessories that can be worn for the wedding ceremony and then deleted before the reception to give a fresh look.

Gloves, long-sleeve jackets, hooded veils, and removable sleeves are all options.

In addition, there are convertible dresses such as a mermaid wedding dress that shortens into a reception mini-dress or the removable ball gown skirts we saw last year.

Brides are getting highly creative with their sustainability by repurposing a relative’s wedding dress and/or accessories.  

New 2024 Trends:

  1. Ye Olde Drop Waist: As corsets make a return to the catwalk, so does the drop waist. Yes, if you want to look “snatched,” this is one way to do it!
bride wearing white gloves
Sareh Nouri blue wedding dress

2. Flower Appliqués: Think of a flower or a bunch of flowers sewn onto your wedding gown at your waist or on your shoulder and you get the idea!

3. Elegant, Fairy tale Princess gowns are back! Yes, the last few years saw sleek, modern designs predominating; in 2024, the pendulum swings back to the princess gown with its grandeur and drama.

4. Blue as an accent color: For 2024, we are seeing blue dress sashes, a blue flower pattern on wedding dresses, and embellished blue gloves! Now as part of the first ceremony look, blue is not just a reception accessory any more.

5 Bows are back! The bow might be in blue like this one which extends longer than the train. (Image courtesy of Sareh Nouri.)

6. Capes—not just for superheroes any more. Capes in lace, tulle, and silk are being added to wedding gowns of many unique styles for dramatic effect. You can try a cape with a hood and skip the veil for an unexpected style surprise.

7. Shortened veils: If you selected a fitted dress or a short wedding dress, then a shortened veil might be perfect. Functioning more as a hair accessory, the short veil appeals to non-traditional brides.

If you have questions, reach out to me!


Your friend in the wedding business,


Christie Shyne


Images courtesy of The Sareh Nouri Collection,, and

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