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2024 Trending Colors for Spring & Summer Weddings: We Are Crushing on Apricot!

If you are planning your wedding in Spring or Summer, 2024, here are the trending colors selected by the experts! Read on to learn why we love Apricot Crush, the #1 color for the first half of 2024!

apricot colored rose for wedding

Hey, Christie!

Adam and I are getting married in April 2024 at Ainsworth House & Gardens! We are so excited!!!

Since we are starting our planning now, what are the trending colors?


–Corey in Corvallis, Oregon

Hey, Corey!

We are looking forward to your beautiful wedding in our gardens next spring!

Let’s talk about colors!

  1. Apricot Crush. This bright pastel shade of orange is an energizing and refreshing hue which brings a deep sense of restorative well-being. This color pairs with neutral colors and with many pastel shades.

2. Earth Tones: Earth Tones are those colors inspired by anything in nature. For this reason, any color found outside of your house could be considered an Earth Tone or Earth tone.

Earth tones are usually defined as the quieter, more muted shades of brown, beige, green, gray, red, orange, and yellow. Terracotta, camel, ochre, toasted, and beige are all Earth Tones.

Earth tones convey elegance and a sense of calm.

Earth tones
silver detail on a wedding dress

3. Metallic and Neutral Tones:

For several years, the metallics such as gold, rose gold, champagne, copper, pewter, and silver were associated with Contemporary,  Modern, or Urban weddings to give an edgy, modern look. 

For 2024, we will see these shiny alternatives to Earth Tones popping up in Vintage, Rustic, and many other wedding themes to give an elegant, vintage look. 

Elegant wedding dresses with silver, gold, or other metallic  details are showing up on the 2024 wedding fashion show catwalks.

Taking it a step further, certain designers created wedding dresses out of silver or gold fabric. We are seeing more  bridesmaids’ dresses in classy metallics including silver, gold, and rose gold.

A metallic color can be added to any wedding color palette to add sparkle, shimmer, and shine while acting as a focal point  Mettalics offer a classic look for any wedding. 

Color combinations:

  1. Apricot Crush (or peach), Green, and White: Classic, delicate, and sweet, this is fresh and modern color palette for a 2024 spring or summer wedding. 
  2. Apricot Crush, Sage Green, and Fuchsia: This is a beautiful wedding color scheme! Your bridesmaids might wear sage green dresses while carrying bouquets of flowers in hues of fuchsia and Apricot Crush.
  3. Orange, butter yellow, and purple (or lavender): Centerpieces of orange and purple flowers sitting on butter yellow tablecloths would be fabulous!
  4. Coral, orange, and bright pink
  5. Orange, pink, and white
  6. Bright peaches, vibrant tangerines, and rusty oranges are a sunset palette.
  7. Pink and magenta—several shades of each
  8. Pink and Lavender
  9. Lilac, Lavender, Purple, and White
  10. Pink, red, and white
sunset at the beach
Bird of Paradise flower for weddings

11. Blue, orange, and green: You can spread the colors throughout your wedding with blue tablecloths and sapphire crystal glasses while orange flowers are embellished with green foliage.

12. Gold, tropical green, and hot pink

13. Island vibe: red, hot pink, and white

14. Blue, pink, and purple

15. Pink, red, and blue

16. Dusty Pink and Emerald Green

17. Blue and gray

18. Ice Blue and Navy Blue

19. Cool Blue, Muted Salmon, Vibrant Green—a wildflower color palette

20. Marine Blue and Bright Yellow: While Marine Blue is thought of as a fall or winter color, when paired with yellow, it is a perfect spring or summer wedding combination

yellow fish and Marine blue plant
blue door in a white wall

21. Blue and White

22. Black and White

23. Earth Tones & Champagne: The sparkle of champagne adds a dazzling color to a calm, elegant color palette.

24. Beige & Maroon

25. Green and Purple

26. Very Intense Green with Brilliant Red

27. Intense Green with Bright Orange

28. Green and Yellow connote tranquility, peace, and well-being.

 If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne


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