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Boutonniere Made with Comic Book Pages? YES!

If you are a fan of comic books, you can make all your wedding flowers out of the colorful pages of comic books! You can create bridal bouquets and the groom’s boutonnieres which celebrate your favorite superheroes. Read on to find out more!

Hey, John!

For 2024, Emma and I are planning a superhero themed wedding because we both love comic books. Emma told me that my boutonniere could be made from the pages of a favorite, colorful comic book. I’d never heard of it. Could you share the details with me?


–Tim in Tualatin, Oregon

comic book wedding flowers

Hey, Tim!

That is a great question!

Here at Ainsworth House & Gardens, a premier, sustainable wedding venue, we’ve seen more engaged couples opting for sustainable, eco-friendly bouquets and boutonnieres. Folding the pages of a colorful comic book to resemble flowers is one way to have eco-friendly wedding flowers. And, you get to keep your “flowers” forever!

When I asked one engaged couple why they wanted all their bridal bouquets and boutonnieres made from folded (think origami) pages of colorful comic books, they said it was because the superheroes they selected represented the best qualities a person could express in their life.

My suggestion is that you ask your florist if they can make floral wedding arrangements from comic book pages. If they can’t—it is an unusual skill—then reach out to other florists to find one who can. Since these aren’t fresh flowers, they could be mailed to you from across the country or across the world. On Etsy Norway, there is a person who makes comic book bouquets.

How do you start?


Comic book boutonniere

My suggestion is that you find a thrift store or antique mall that offers comic books in color for sale.

If you can, buy two of the same comic books so that you can keep one and turn the other into a bouquet or boutonniere.

Then, take your sacrificial lamb—er, comic book—to the person who will fold the pages into flowers.

wedding bouquet made from pages

A few quick notes:

Because your vendor is turning a comic book page into a round flower and you will have 18-20 comic book flowers for a bouquet and 2-3 for a boutonniere, the arrangement ends up being a round, clutch-style bouquet even if the comic book flowers are varied sizes and shapes. The flowers will nestle tightly together with faux greenery mixed in to make it look like a standard bridal bouquet. The stems are wrapped together by a satin ribbon.

Ask your comic book bouquet creator-vendor to accent each page/flower with a bead or pearl which color coordinates with the page.

When finished, the bouquet is about 8”-9” in diameter and is about 10” in length.

The boutonniere is created with 2-3 color comic book pages. These might be pages which are cut down to mini-size so that they don’t overwhelm your lapel. Your vendor should accent each page with a pearl or bead and a few sprigs of faux greenery.

That should get you started! If you have questions, let me know.

Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne


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comic book wedding bouquet
comic book pages turned into wedding bouquet