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The Sweet, Secret Message on Her Royal Tiara

When Ms. Rajwa Al-Saif, a Saudi Arabian architect, married Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan on June 1, 2023, her tiara had a beautiful message inscribed on the side. Read on to learn more about this secret, sweet message!

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When we think of a diamond wedding tiara, we may think of its glittering beauty and we might not search for any hidden meanings therein–and we would miss much in Jordanian royal tiaras. This includes the most recent tiara worn by Rajwa Al-Saif on her wedding day to Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan on June 1, 2023.

The tradition of a faith-infused message in a royal tiara was started by the Queen Raina of Jordan in 2006. On the side of her tiara, there is an Arabic inscription  which translates as “Glory to God.” Known as the Arabic Scroll Tiara, it is Queen Raina’s favorite which she has worn elegantly on many state occasions.

The tradition continued this March when King Abdullah and Queen Raina’s oldest daughter, Princess Iman, married. Since “Iman” means “faith” in Arabic, the Arabic inscription on this side of her wedding tiara translates to “My Faith in God.”


And now we come to Princess Rajwa.

At the henna party Queen Raina hosted for Ms. Al-Saif in May, the queen expressed her joyful hope by saying, “I’ll never forget how happy His Majesty and I were when Al Hussein told us he wanted to marry Rajwa. She is the perfect answer to all my prayers for him. May you always be each other’s source of happiness and support.”

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It was the queen’s sweet statement and the meaning of Rajwa’s name which were blended into Rajwa’s inscription. You see, in Arabic, Rajwa’s first name means “hope.” There is a gentle play on words in the inscription, which is the Arabic phrase, Rajwa min Allah:  It means “Hope from God.”

In case you wondered: Queen Raina’s name means “queen” in several languages. Very appropriate, don’t you think?


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