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Are You Missing a Wedding Dress? It Might Be in South Carolina!

Highway clean-up crews find the darndest things people toss out along the freeway–worn out tennis shoes after a year of P.E., water bottles, fast food containers, etc. One crew found just a little bit more. Read on to find out what!

Usually, if you are looking for a wedding dress and veil, you go to a bridal boutique or similar store.

However, if you are missing your wedding dress—and it looks like the one in the photo—you might want to check with the South Carolina Department of Transportation Maintenance Office.

Yep, the highway clean-up crew.

(Flag of South Carolina)

flag of South Carolina
South Carolina Morris Island lighthouse

Normally, clean-up crews are used to finding countless empty bottles, hamburger wrappers, and other trash along the freeway.

On one special day recently, a sharp-eyed clean-up crew in South Carolina found so much more.

While keeping America beautiful by picking up trash along the I-385 near exit 19 in Laurens County (South Carolina), the crew came across a box in which a beautiful wedding dress and veil were lovingly stored.

Needless to say, it was a surprise to the crew! Usually, the side of the interstate is not where you expect to find a wedding dress and veil.

Since this was an incredible find and the crew wanted to reunite the owner of the dress with the dress, they turned the beautiful ensemble over to the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

“It is not uncommon for crews to find items along the roadway that may have been lost, and we make an effort to connect the property to the rightful owner,” the officials shared.

South Carolina Spanish Moss in tree
South Carolina church steeple at sunset

The team at SCDOT has turned into Sherlock Holmes to try to find the owner. So far, no luck but they will keep trying.

If you can show proof that the dress is yours, contact SCDOT, show proof, and pick up your dress! Call the South Carolina Department of Transportation at (864)-984-7632 to find your missing dress.

Images courtesy of Siri Stafford (Getty Images) of the dress and for South Carolina images. 

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