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Sleepy Flower Girl? We’ve Got Solutions!

What happens when your flower girl needs a siesta? The Flower Dudes step in! After all, the wedding must go on!

Sleeping flower girl, Charlotte Rose, being carried by her uncle down the aisle at a wedding.

Hey, John!

Last night, my partner, Tess, was all stressed out about our wedding’s flower girl.

Tess found out that our wedding is scheduled during the flower girl’s usual nap time. Sophie will be about 16 months old when we get married. If her nap is delayed, Sophie might be cranky and hurl her rose petals angrily at our guests or she might throw a tantrum.

I like solving  problems and seeing Tess smile again. Do you have any suggestions or solutions?


–Dylan in a Dither in Dallas


Hey, Dylan!

As the father of two and the survivor of many nap-related consternations, I can help!

Weddings allow you to create several contingencies and then go with the best one at that time.

flower girl

Option 1:

Replace the Flower Girl with an adult Flower Guy (or Guys).

While this started as a trend at adults only weddings about seven years ago, it’s now become a trend at weddings open to guests of all ages. 

It allows a friend (or up to three friends) of the bride or groom to have a position of honor at the wedding and channel the friend’s or friends’ comedic talents in a positive direction. Whether the Flower Guy/Flower Man is flinging rose petals from a fanny pack or the tradition white, satin ribbon-bedecked itty-bitty basket, your guests will be laughing! 

Option 2:

Have your Flower Guy carry the sleeping Flower Girl up the aisle. This takes more planning.

Step 1: Find out from her parents at what point in her nap is the little lady in the deepest sleep.

Ask the parents if they would be willing to adjust her naptime so that she is in the deepest sleep when she is supposed to be performing her duties at the wedding.

Step 2: Is there an adult male with whom she feels comfortable? Daddy? Uncle? Family friend? Let her get used to falling asleep on his shoulder. He then becomes the lead Flower Guy who carries the Flower Girl.

Both the Flower Guy and Flower Girl should be dressed in their event ensembles before she falls asleep.

(This is little Charlotte Rose who was in need of a nap right at the time her aunt’s wedding started.

Solution: Luckily, she fell asleep on her uncle’s shoulder! He carried her while twin cousins flung flower petals at this October, 2023 wedding.

Source: New York Post,) 

Charlotte Rose carried as the wedding flower girl.

If you have additional questions, reach out to me!


Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne


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