2024 Wedding Trend: the Seated Bridal Party!

Let your bridal party escort you to the ceremony space & then let them sit down–it’s a 2024 wedding trend! Why? Certain wedding services are long, lasting 45 minutes up to an hour. Letting the bridal party sit is a kindness. A seated bridal party allows you to be inclusive. Read on to find out more!

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Hey, John!

Kate and I are getting married in April 2024 at Ainsworth House & Gardens! We are super excited!

We have a challenge that we’re not sure how to handle. One of my college buddies, Mike, is going to be one of my groomsmen. A few days ago, he was in a motorcycle accident and will probably be in a wheelchair during our wedding. I want him to be with us but I don’t want him to feel different from the groomsmen who are standing.

What do we do???

–Pete, Perplexed in Pacific Beach


Hey, Pete!

The team and I here will keep Mike in our thoughts and prayers that he makes a full recovery.


In case he hasn’t made a full recovery by the time of your wedding, I have a solution and it’s on trend for 2024: Provide beautiful seating for the entire bridal party. This way, Mike is at the same height as everyone else!

Why is a seated bridal party becoming a trend? In two words, inclusiveness and kindness.

Inclusiveness: For decades, those who were differently abled–either mentally or physically—were often educated in classrooms by themselves. There might be only minimal interaction between the differently abled students and the mainstream students.

It is wonderful that this has changed. Now, mainstream students interact with those students who are differently abled. Friendships are formed. For these reasons, we see more differently abled people getting married and being members of a bridal party.

One way to make all your bridal party feel equal is to have them seated! Then everyone is the same height!

wedding chair
Monk feeds goose

Kindness: When your wedding party stands, they have the worst views of anyone at your wedding because they have to lean around each other to see you. If they are seated in the front row, their view of your wedding improves!

Another kindness: Have you looked at high heels lately? A few years ago, there was an unofficial competition to build taller and taller skyscrapers. I think the shoe designers are in the same kind of competition. (I think that the only people who are happy about this are the orthopedic surgeons who are setting all those broken ankles!) To be kind to your maid/matron of honor and your bridesmaids, let them sit down for safety reasons.

There’s another reason: High heels often aren’t comfortable. As the standing continues, the women often can’t keep a smile on their faces because their feet hurt.  Bridesmaids in pain are not a good look for your wedding photos. Bridesmaids sitting down are more comfortable and more relaxed! Their stunning smiles will be proof you made the right decision by offering them seating!

While we are on the topic of wedding photos: When the bridal party is seated, there is often less slouching or fidgeting by nervous or anxious members of the wedding party.

By sitting your wedding party in the first or second row of the congregation, the rest of the guests are less aware if a bridal party member begins to move anxiously in their chair or fidget.

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wedding chairs

When did the trend of a seated bridal party start? Possibly with formal or the High Roman Catholic Mass: For the wedding mass, the bridal party is asked to sit for the wedding ceremony.

A seated bridal party—bridesmaids and groomsmen—will be trending in 2024 and add a touch of modernity to your wedding!

How does a seated wedding party fit into your wedding?

At Ainsworth House & Gardens, your guests will know the bridal party order by their place in the procession. The bridal party can:

  1. After they walk in the processional, they sit down in their assigned seats. OR
  2. Stand with you during your vows and then sit down in the front two rows. 

At the end of the ceremony, they will stand and walk behind you in the recessional.

bridal party
wedding under 200 year old Ponderosa Pine

If you have any questions, reach out to me. I’m happy to help you!

Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne

Images courtesy of Ainsworth House & Gardens, Pexels.com, Pixabay.com, and Unsplash.com.

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