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Dog Gone Cute! The Dog Adopted at a Wedding!

Yesterday, we posted about a stray kitten who crashed a wedding and was adopted by the newlyweds. Today, to show balanced reporting, we are posting about a stray dog who attended a wedding…there’s a happy ending! Read on to find out what!

dog lying down in church foyer during wedding

Hey, John!

I heard that a couple from Brazil met a stray dog on the couple’s wedding day and adopted him.

Can you fill in the details?


–Dave, a Dog Lover in Dallas

Hey, Dave!

I certainly can!

The article about this loving pup was published on on July 15, 2022. 

According to the couple’s wedding planner, Huandra, here is how the saga unfolded.

Many weddings have pleasant surprises and unplanned events which make the wedding day even more special. 

While Huandra organized the groom and his men so that they could file into the church, the slender, yellow dog greeted each man, making him feel loved and cherished. 

After the men were in their places at the front of the church, she assessed what needed to happen next. dog asleep in church during a wedding in Brazil
dog at the church's entry hall during wedding

Huandra realized that she needed to gently move the dog so that the bride could enter the church.

She didn’t need to worry: When the dog realized that the bride had arrived in a particular car, he stayed by her side and followed her up to the church doors.

Being a polite dog, he remained quietly inside the entrance to the church, not making a sound and not distracting from the beautiful wedding taking place.

As the ceremony proceeded, Huandra–who is a volunteer for an animal protection charity– examined the dog more closely…and found that he had an injured paw.

As newlyweds Tamiris Muzini and Douglas Vieira Robert left their wedding, they were greeted excitedly by their new friend. The dog cheerfully stood up on his hind legs to congratulate the newly married couple. The young couple joyfully stated that they wanted to adopt the scrawny dog. This is when their wedding planner added an extra service: dog adoption facilitator.

dog greets newlyweds happily after wedding

She posted videos of the dog on social media to ascertain if he already had an owner. Several people replied that the dog lived in the streets.

The day after their wedding, the young couple searched for the dog but to no avail.

Re-enter the wedding planner!

She posted photos of the dog on the charity’s website and asked if anyone knew where the dog was. A mere six hours later, someone replied that the dog was far away at a coffee shop. She asked the poster to hold the dog until the young couple could arrive—which they did!

Naming him Braiá Caramelo de Jesus, they took him to the veterinarian to heal his broken paw. 

While the couple was away on their honeymoon, the dog was released by the vet into the loving care of the bride’s mother until the young couple returned.

Now, they are a family of three!

If you have additional questions, let me know. I’m happy to help you!

Your friend in the wedding business,

John Shyne

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