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The Perfect Wedding Gift from the Cat Distribution System

According to Viking tradition, a new bride was given house cats to honor Freyja, the goddess of love, whose chariot was pulled by cats. (Those cats must have worked out!) In Scotland, a bride was given a kitten to bring good luck to her new home. In America in 2023, newlyweds Matt and Cara were gifted a kitten on their wedding day from the Cat Distribution System. Read on to find out more!

gray kitten looks to the right

Hey, Christie!

What is the “Cat Distribution System” and how does it relate to weddings?”

–Millie the Cat (Oregon City)

Hey, Millie!

Great question! Let me explain.

On November 25, 2022, a person defined on TikTok his newly coined term, “Cat Distribution System” to explain the process by which the “Universe” delivers kittens or a cat to us when we weren’t asking for a kitten.

It’s a fairly common occurrence that cats enter our lives and homes unannounced and then the denizens of that home adopt them.

Among cat lovers and cat rescue experts, it’s asserted that you don’t adopt a cat, the cat chooses you. 

Gray kitten sits on a tree stump

To prove my point, check YouTube for videos, “My House, Not My Cat” to see stories of these cat-initiated adoptions.

There are a number of these videos.

Have fun watching them all to see how the Cat Distribution System functions!(It functions very well!)

To summarize, the cat distribution system is the concept that random appearances of cats in people’s lives aren’t random at all—the cat selected their human.

So, what does the cat distribution system have to do with weddings? Well, sometimes the cat distribution system gives newlyweds the best wedding gift ever: a new kitten!

gray cat with white moonbeam face and green eyes
gray and white fluffy kitten

In an article published December 31, 2023, on, that’s exactly what happened at Matt and Cara’s outdoor wedding.

As Matt stood in front of the altar repeating his vows, his heartfelt words of love and adoration brought his bride to happy tears.

This didn’t explain why her bridesmaids were not crying happy tears too but instead were clearly distracted, giggling, and looking at the forest of trees at the edge of the wedding venue! By the time the groomsmen were laughing too, their guffaws intereupted Matt’s train of thought. He wondered why his words were eliciting such a response. Matt was clearly annoyed.

Cara turned to her maids to find the cause of the giggle fest and one of the women stated that a cat was meowing in forest!

This hilarious interaction of the kitten and the newlyweds is a perfect example of the Cat Distribution System in action. 

Yes, cats are being distributed to people who will love and care for their furry friends.

To see the video, click the link to the right. 

Gray kitten sits on a tree stump

Sitting alone on a tree stump, the little gray kitten with gorgeous white eyeliner spoke up…repeatedly. She quieted down after the vows for the rest of the ceremony. Since Matt and Cara (whose blended name is “Catt” appropriately enough) selected cat cake toppers for their wedding reception and are cat lovers, they wanted to adopt the kitten. The owners of the wedding venue helped make this adoption a reality: After weeks of tempting the kitten to come closer by offering her shrimp, they finally caught her. Staff members took the kitten to a local animal shelter for a veterinary exam which she passed easily. Then, Matt and Cara were allowed to pick up their kitten, a gift to them from the cat distribution system.

Since they already had a cat named “Gatsby,” they named her “Daisy” after the female protagonist in The Great Gatsby.

The two cats love to cuddle and this makes Daisy the perfect addition to their home!

If you have any further questions, please let me know. I’m happy to help you!

Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne




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