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7 Fabulous Fall Flowers We Love!

Planning a fall wedding? We think you’ll fall for these beautiful flowers which are in season in the fall! Since they are in season, they are much more budget-friendly than imported flowers! Let’s go tour the garden of gorgeous fall flowers

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Fall is the perfect time of year to get married at Ainsworth House & Gardens!

You feel a crisp coolness to the air; the leaves are tinged with various shades of gold and red!

Fall seems to make our sunsets seem just a bit more spectacular as the sun paints the historic mansion and the beautiful gardens in gorgeous hues of pink and coral. 

fall leaf on tree turning orange with heart shape cut out of it

At Ainsworth House & Gardens, we are ready to help your wedding dreams come true!  

One way we can help you is to introduce you to wedding flowers which are insanely stunning and also in season.

(When flowers are in season, you can afford more flowers and you cam support local flower growers! When a flower is not in season, it is often imported from overseas and is much more expensive.)

If you are planning a fall wedding, here are seven of our favorite, fabulous fall wedding flowers!

amaryllis flower


Peak season is November-April. 

Colors: white, yellow, green, coral, pink, salmon, red, burgundy

Meaning: pride, splendid beauty

Grown from bulbs brought from Africa and Latin America, the amaryllis is a long lasting flower which offers a lot of drama even if you only have a few stems! 

Camellia: Peak season is fall. (Other varieties bloom in winter, spring, and summer.)

Colors: white, cream, pink, red

Meaning: excellence, beauty, perfected loveliness, contentment

This elegant flower was originally from China; it is a multi-petaled relative of the tea plant. 

camelia flower for wedding

Chrysanthemum: Peak season is late summer-fall; it is available year-round.

Colors: white, yellow, gold, green, orange, bronze, russet, pink, red, deep red, maroon, burgundy, violet or purple

Meaning: Joy, cheerfulness, optimism, long life. In Victorian England, the flower represented friendship and good luck.

Each of the colors has an additional meaning. In the language of flowers, these blooms speak with distinct voices. 

Mums flowers for wedding

Meanings of mum colors:

  • White: loyalty, purity, innocence, and honesty
  • Pink: affection and friendship. (In Japan, pink mums symbolize the Imperial family.)
  • Red: passion, love
  • Orange: good feelings such as happiness and excitement
  • Yellow: celebration, joy, and happiness
  • Green: good health, longevity, and rebirth
  • Purple or violet: care and thoughtfulness.

While the flower originated in China and was mentioned by Confucius, the name of the flower is Greek: “chyros” which means “gold” and “anthemon” which means “flower.” In Australia, the flower is often given to mothers on Mother’s Day or Mum’s Day. In Japan, because the petals open in perfect order, the flower symbolized perfection. In fact, the Festival of Happiness coincides with National Chrysanthemum Day in Japan! Available in a variety of sizes from small to large and single layer petals to multiple layers, the mum gives you so many options.

cockscomb yellow flower for wedding


Peak season late summer to late fall.

Colors: yellow, pink, orange, green, red, crimson, purple

Meaning: Unfading love

Also called “Wool Flower,” the cockscomb’s resemblance to the rooster’s comb gives it unique architectural components.

Available in vibrant colors, the cockscomb crows a statement!

orange rose flower for weddings

Rose: The rose is available year-round. (There is no peak season.)

Colors: white, cream, yellow, light pink, hot pink, light coral, orange, red, burgundy, purple

 Meaning: love, beauty, joy, grace, unity

Meanings of certain rose colors:

  • White: chastity, innocence, purity
  • Ivory: elegance, charm, luxury
  • Yellow: remembrance, care, friendship
  • Peach: genuineness and modesty
  • Orange: fierce love, passion, desire
  • Pink: joy, sweetness, admiration
  • Red: passion, deep love, ardent longing
  • Lavender: splendor, majesty, fascination
  • Green: health, harmony, peace
  • Blue: mystery, unattainable love, desire
  • Mixed color bouquets
    • Red and ivory roses: tasteful and intense love
    • Green and pink roses: harmony and gentleness

The most beloved and popular wedding flower of all time, the rose is usually very affordable (except around Valentine’s or Mother’s Day, when prices increase). 


Peak season is April to November.

Colors: white, pink, and a very soft blue or turquoise.

See photo to the right.

Meaning: peace and harmony

If you are looking for a unique star-shaped flower and one in blue to your bouquet or to the boutonnieres, then look no further than this perky flower!

It gives a pop of color to eny bouquet or arrangement! 

Tweedia Biking Gardner Flower


Peak season is April to September.

Colors: white, yellow, pink, light coral, orange, violet, purple, red,

Meaning: everlasting love, affection, acclaim, friendship,

red zinnia flower for wedding

Meanings of zinnia colors:

  • White: purity, innocence, goodness, a pure love
  • Yellow: sun, warmth, vitality; honors a loved one who has passed
  • Orange: vitality and health
  • Red: love, intense energy, good luck, prosperity
  • Pink or fuchsia: life-long love, paternal love
  • Magenta: lasting affection
  • Purple: harmony, peach, honoring the Divine, spiritual exaltation
  • Green: financial security, nature, growth, renewal
  • Blue: loyalty, trust, serenity, faith.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes, the zinnia is bright addition to any bridal bouquet!


Tweedia image courtesy of The Biking Gardener.

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