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What is a Wedding Hashtag?

Having your own wedding hashtag is a great way to see the photos taken by friends and family at your wedding…and and personalize your wedding!

We may have gotten a little ahead of ourselves. First, let’s answer this question,

“What is a hashtag?”

Do you remember lunch tables in the high school cafeteria?

People with certain interests gathered at a specific table during lunch—the computer geeks were over there, the football players at the opposite end of the cafeteria, and the cheerleaders were at a different table entirely.

Hashtags are like lunch tables: They allow people to gather by interest groups such as #passthecpa for those trying to pass the Certified Public Accountant Exam or #photooftheday.  

A hashtag could be the pound symbol followed by a single word (#love) or a keyword phrase (#followme). Using a hashtag allows you to draw attention to what you are posting on social media and allows you to find others who are using that hashtag to see what they are posting.

“When did hashtags start?”

Chris Messina was the first person to use a hashtag on Twitter on August 23, 2007.

Chris used a hashtag so people with a common interest could find each other. more easily than scrollig through all the tweets.

“Which social media platforms use hashtags?”

Hashtags are now ubiquitous on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. They allow people to get information on a topic which interests them—or find the right high school lunch table!

“How would a hashtag for our wedding work?”

Here at Ainsworth House & Gardens, a fabulous Oregon wedding venue, most of our couples have a wedding hashtag. Having your own hashtag allows you to see all those fun Facebook and Instagram pics from your big day at one, easy to click on place.

“Why Should We Have a Wedding Hashtag?”

While two couples might select the same wedding colors at the same venue, the wedding hashtag allows you to personalize, to differentiate your wedding from all others.

And, as we mentioned before, you can see all of your family and friends’ photos in one place. It allows your guests in a fun and immersive way to see each other’s photos—photos they might not have seen without your hashtag!

Stay tuned! We have more blog posts coming up on how to create your own personalized wedding hashtag!


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