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Cat-egorically Cute Ways to include Your Cat in Your Wedding…While Kitty Stays Safely at Home!

Here are oodles of insanely smart ways to show your love for you cat at your wedding without your beloved kitty being there in person. Read on and find out more!

Hey, Christie!

Jake and I are getting married at Ainsworth House & Gardens later this year. We are so excited!!!!!!

Two of our most important family members—our two senior rescue kitties, Bella and Coco—will miss all our festivities because they are staying home with their adorable cat sitter, Mrs. Myton. They are not comfortable in a crowd and thus would not be relaxed at our wedding ; it is a  kindness for our kitties to leave them home.

Are there ways we can remind our guests of our beautiful cats through cat motifs at our wedding? Are there cat decorations we can add to our wedding?

Are there ways we can incorporate our love for cat rescue organizations at our wedding?


–Kat and Jake in Klamath Falls, Oregon

Cat sniffs flowers.
Bengal house cat

Hey, Kat and Jake!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding at our beautiful wedding venue!

As cat owners ourselves, we understand your love for your two rescued kitties.

As the owners of this gorgeous wedding venue of meticulously maintained gardens, a historic mansion, a Ponderosa Pine tree over 200 years old, and a classic event/reception hall, we know that there are many insanely smart ways to include your cats on your special day without having to squeeze  them into a cat carrier and come over here. 😊


Stationery: Consider using a photo of you two and the two cats on all your stationery—the Save the Date cards, wedding invitations, program, menu card, and thank you cards.,, and many others offer photo wedding invitations.

Engagement Ring: Check out engagement rings that look like a cat or have stone the color of your cat’s eyes. If your cat has green eyes, check out engagement rings with emeralds or peridots. 

At Your Wedding:

Welcome Table and Guest Book: You can have a framed photo of your cats welcoming your guests to your wedding. Select a guest book with a cat motif—Zazzle, Etsy, Amazon, and others offer several designs. On the first two lines of the guest book, let your cats sign in…with help from you, of course!

Illustrated Cat Wedding Ceremony Fans: This is a cool way to keep your guests cool. Check out Tidewater and Tulle.

At Your Reception:

Table Numbers and Place Cards: You probably have more that one adorable photo of your felines. On each table, place a framed photo of your cat with the table number. Your other option is place cards…or do both!

a wedding fan with the image of a cat
wedding cake topper with 2 people and 2 cats

Sweet Reminders of Your Cat:

Cat Cake Topper: Ask your pastry chef if they carry it or if they can order a cat cake topper for you. The cake topper may include the two of you and the cats or the cats by themselves. Etsy, eBay, JB Cookie Cutters, and others have cat cake toppers on their websites.

Cat Cookies: Pastry chefs can transfer a photo of your cat onto cookies or use icing to replicate your cat on the cookies. Your option is a cat-shaped cookie. The cookies can either be available during the reception or sent home with your guests as a wedding favor.

Cheers to Your Cats!

Signature Cocktails: Why not create two signature cocktails and name one after each cat? Start with an alcohol that reminds you of that cat, their coloring (“The Orange Cat Cocktail”), or connects with their breed. Add a fruit juice or soda. Or modify the name of a well known libation for “The Meow Tai.”

Complete the look with custom cat portrait cocktail napkins ( or simply cat cocktail napkins (Zazzle, Etsy, and others). Cat swizzle sticks can be ordered from Etsy or other vendors.   Feline good, y’all!

signature wedding cocktails in honor of your cat
Cat in stroller at a wedding

Props to Your Cat!

Cat Props for the Photo Booth: Give your family and friends the opportunity to personalize their fun at your wedding.

Have several differnt photos of your furry friends with which your guests can pose! Your family and friends will love creating their own crazy photos with your kitty props, feather boas, sparling tiaras, etc.

Cat Wedding Favors

Cat Pins, Buttons, or Magnets:, Etsy, Zazzle,, and others carry metal pins, cat buttons and cat magnets.

Cat Coasters: Etsy and others carry these.

Custom Shot Glasses: Google your options!

Cat Wedding Favor Bags: Create cat goody bags that state, “Treats from our kitty to your

Siamese Cat sitting on table
cat sitting up

Supporting Cat Rescue Work through Your Wedding

From you to your guests: On each table, have a sign which states that instead of you giving out wedding favors, you have given a donation in the name of each guest to your favorite cat rescue organization.

Your Wedding Registry: Give your guests the option of buying you a gift or donating in your name to one of three cat rescue organizations.

I hope this gets your motor purring for additional creative ways to include your cats in your wedding.

Your friend in the wedding business,

Christie Shyne


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